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It has been a few weeks since our last update and here I'd like to explain why. Our need for another vJASS Expert (AKA coder) and lack of terrain progress is a brief explanation.

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We're back again with yet another update for you guys. It has been three weeks and embarrassingly we do not have any goodies for you guys to look at. In fact, very little has progressed since our last update. Yixx has been dealing with his life and his computer is very slow now due to damaged hardware and I haven't been able to work on the terrain accurately due to my World of Warcraft subscription finally expiring.

I am likely to use WoW Map Viewer to continue my work, but if that fails, I am doing an art commission for D.E.A. and should get enough money to get a new headset and maybe a WoW subscription, since I really don't like the idea of Private Servers.

Forgotten_Warlord is very eager to create a bunch more attachment models for Wc3:WoW though. So that's about the only real progress being made. Yixx says he' still trying to get stuff done, but he hardly has time to do it and the issues with his computer only make it even harder. Because of this, I cannot rely so heavily on a single coder under these circumstances. Therefore, I am starting to ask around for new coders and posting on the forums and website about it. If you're good at creating clean triggers with vJASS (NOT GUI TRIGGERS!) then I may be interested in having you aboard! Proof of your abilities is required.

Other than that, it's mainly just a bunch of disappointing news. The Hive Workshop seems to be producing more and more useful content for Wc3:WoW, so that's good. They're a major help to be honest! Thanks a lot to all the contributors and supporters still!

The Hive Community has provided me with a working version of WoW Map Viewer, so expect some terrain progress some time this weekend or next weekend.


The Hive Community = Me. <3

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