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I need ideas to make missions ideas!!! nothing to fill here.

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Sorry that I can't make more missions anymore. I ran out of


If someone can give me ideas lemme know put comments down below.

Alright thats all for now.

Right now Im still in school so im pretty much inactive for 2 months


An airborne landing against an enemy strong point based in a town or city, followed by a few naval vessels.

+ You are tasked with clearing the map of all hostiles, but first and foremost to take Capture points. The only resources you have are given at start, or scrounged from battlefield. A truck or two make it into the AO, with a few planes. You arrive at a ruined camp, with some weapons, crates, and sandbags (starting point).

Maybe a glider or two crashes, dislodging and scattering items, supplies, equipment, ammo as it slides to a halt.

+ (option) Enemy AAA batteries are deployed in the area, and the only reinforcements you can call are gliders with paras. Only support: bombing run (air), strafing run (air).


Another idea: (sort of based on MOW mission)

- Main objective is to guard factory district and train station, while workers, materials and assets are loaded up and evacuated by rail.

================Final Idea but likely the best==================
(not terribly original)


The map starts overlooking the Volga river crossing, as its attacked by planes.

You arrive at the docks, and you are to retake most of the city. Germans occupy everything but the docks. Germans might occasionally launch skirmishes, attacks, air support against some of your positions. All of your reinforcements must arrive at the docks, by boat, which are vulnerable to planes and artillery. You must hold the docks at all costs, as they would be impossible to retake. Also, the civilians and wounded are still being evacuated by boat (after troops disembark). Any vehicles are brought in by boat, or were found broken/abandoned in city.

- support options: artillery support, 1 support call for a fighter based 'combat air patrol' (patrol of air space, tries to shoot down any enemy planes).

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