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Did anyone here capture any photos or videos of the World Trade Center?...

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Did anyone here capture any photos or videos of the World Trade Center?

I'm having trouble finding references for the lobby of the towers in general. Most shots are viewing the windows/exterior columns, and not the interior. Majority of references are not the elevators, or showing the hallway in the center of the core that cuts through on the concourse level.

I'm trying to find stuff from 70s or 80s preferably, but even something from as late as 2001 will suffice, better than nothing.

Ask around will ya? It has me kinda stumped, because these blueprints only tell so much.

I'm ready to start detailing and texturing the inside, just need more references.

The sooner I get that done, I'll have a demo for you guys ;)

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i think you have to look out for old documentarys, and older films of the late 80's and 90's which where filmed inside and outside the wtc, there are a view but i can't remember the names :/ (often hollywood productions where on ore more scenes where filmed there) - i also tried to search for some older documentarys but it's hard to find anything beside the 9/11 falseflag stuff (i mean it's important that people get informed about that leadership ******** going on in usa but it's hard to find anything without 9/11 in combination with the wtc...)

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Well, I guess I'll be watching a bunch of old movies that feature the WTC.

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