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Ao the project is nearing completion blahblah blah blah, blah read about it in te news

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so the project is nearing completion just need to finish creating some new stuff, adding them, some image related stuff need to be fixed, and 5-7 new weapons need to be added, to make it complete, so expect the mod in one of the coming weeks during april, and some people wanted to know why he throwing knife was there instead of the frag grenade, this is because the mod will be utilising equipment like in most call of duties after this, the player will get the choice of frag grenade, semtex, throwing knife, etc, instead of being stuck with a plain frag grenade, whats a call of duty without L33T throwingknife kills after all?

this obviously means launchers and pistols etc, would have to get their own categories in the secondary class but thats revealing a lot, so expect the best(i can do), as seen, multiplayer bots have been implemented, although, i support player on player action rather than player on AI, so only people who know how to run them from console will be able to know how to run them, i dont want nubs downloading this mod specifically for bots, but since im a nice guy, im probably gonna end up including a tut on how to run bots.

This will also include numerous maps from more modern Call of Duty games, such as Cargo and Nuketown 2025


oh my! Think I'm going to puke rainbows :D I've been waiting for throwing knives in cod4 since the day I started to fap to Combine operations mod. AW killed the fun :/

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true... I already puked rainbows :D it is such a good mod... if i could i would really support it's development... it's hard to see a cool project dying :/

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