The Navigator OST has been released today for a pay-what-you-want deal.

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Hey folks! Have I got news for you!

Have you heard some of the songs on the PxC YouTube for Navigator?
Did you like them?
Of course you did! Don't be silly!

Well, guess what! Your taste for Navigator music doesn't have to wait until the full game releases on October 22nd, because the entire OST for the game is now available on BandCamp!

All eight songs in the game are available through this link through either a separate download or by downloading them all at once-- it's your choice!
You can download the songs in pretty much any format you want, and it's all high quality. Nice and crisp, no sound loss.

This soundtrack takes advantage of a Name Your Own Price setup-- you can pay whatever price you want for this album. You can pay $5! You can pay $10! You can pay $1! Hell, if you want, you can put in $0.00 and download it for free! You're not bound to any sort of limit-- consider it more of an optional donation in exchange for content. ;)
This is currently just "disc one" of the OST. We will be working on a remix album as well that will be packaged with disc one, so keep your eyes peeled!

Spread the good word around and let's build some excitement for the October 22nd release!

Your support is greatly appreciated and is really what's going to help this project go places. :)

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This is amazing! Amazing, I tell ya!!

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