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Here it is possible to track which nations are part of the mod, and through this list it is possible to know the completion percentage of each nation (Note: completion does not include vehicles).

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See below for a complete list of countries that will be present in the mod and their level of completion:


Albanian Kingdom: 100% (concluded)
Czechoslovak Republic: 100% (concluded)
Ethiopian Empire: 0%
Federal State of Austria: 100% (concluded)
Republic of Estonia: 0%
Republic of Latvia: 0%
Republic of Lithuania: 0%


Argentine Republic: 0%
Kingdom of Spain: 5%
Kingdom of Sweden: 0%
Plurinational State of Bolivia: 0%
Republic of Colombia: 0%
Republic of Ecuador: 0%
Republic of Ireland: 0%
Republic of Paraguay: 0%
Republic of Peru: 0%
Republic of Turkey: 0%
Second Portuguese Republic: 0%
Swiss Confederation: 0%
United Mexican States: 0%


Dutch East Indies: 0%
Free France: 0%
Grand Duchess of Luxembourg: 0%
Kingdom of Belgium: 0%
Kingdom of Denmark: 10%
Kingdom of Norway: 10%
Kingdom of the Netherlands: 0%
Kingdom of Yugoslavia: 0%
United States of Brazil: 0%


Empire of Manchuria: 80%
First Slovak Republic: 5%
Imperial State of Iran: 100% (concluded)
Independent State of Croatia: 80%
Kingdom of Iraq: 0%
Kingdom of Thailand: 100% (concluded)
Vichy France: 40%
Foreign German Volunteers: 0%
German troops SA and SS: 25%


Great work !
For #valour (in MOWAS2) Euro_General ( developped a sub-mod named "Unforgotten" ( with new nations and corresponding stuff.

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