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A summary of Seasalk's cities, race again and economy.

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The captital city of Seasalk, is the city of Salkan Reach. A massive fortification, with a large city within it's walls, and millions living amongst it. It has huge strongholds, containing thousands of troops ready for war. The largest trade and coastal city of Seasalk is Goax, with huge dockyards containing vessels big enough to carry just over 1000 people.

Here is a list of the nations populations (rounded);
Overall, 500 million
1. Salkan Reach, 120 million
2. Hanalligne, 80 million
3. Goax, 50 million
4. Dunmerin, 50 million
5. Vallidorm Citadel, 40 million
6. Cxursia, 25 million
7. Avarice, 20 million
8. Angrork, 15 million
9. Vanquillia, 10 million
Though, again, the game will be under-scaled, just like any other RPG games, else there would be WAY too many NPC's...

Seasalk's most prosperous trades (averages);
Iron, income 400,000 Manitas
Wool, income 200,000 Manitas
Overall Seasalk is the fifth most prosperous nation. This may seem low for the most militarily powerful nation, but trade and diplomacy proves difficult for a nation with a war thirsty dictator as their leader.

This is what their race may look similar to (their race are called Laboreptilia);

This image isn't mine, it is by someone (with the username "Elfgirl1973" at the following site) from, scroll down the page and you'll see it, etc.

Next news to come; Nation Three: ANDRIA (part one)

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