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A summary of Seasalkan lore in general, then an explanation on their race and religion.

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Seasalk had been the lands greatest power, and always was, economically, militarilly and politically. The nation is ruled by one gruelling dictator with a villanous attitude towards everything. War was all that was important to him, especially their war with Andria and OrkMoth. Victory gave them a great status over the land, great power and prosperity. Though their nation doesn't seem the nicest, it was extremely successful, especially passing the year 6800IB.

Seasalkans are a Reptilian race, mainly living in swamps, but also in cities, with buildings of great architecturial brilliance. Full of detail, specifically lotds of stone/wooden spikes on their buildings. Most are cylinderical, tall, with a pointed roof, sometimes hex/pent-agonal. The creatures themselves were very detailed to, coated in brown/green scales, as well as spikes and thorns, and they considered themselves an almighty empowering species. They are known to be tall, strong, endurant and defensive.

The Seasalkans follow no religion, though they worship their great dictator, as well as themselves. They believe that them and their nation is greater than any other and they are the chosen people of the land. They also keep themselves separate from the other nations, and are at war with Andria and OrkMoth.

Seasalk Landscape:
This shows a basic wilderness scene, which may be in Seasalk, just to show the some of the landscape (but remember it's a large continent, meaning there could be many different landscapes).

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good idea!

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