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Little moar discussion...About COAL, I mean, what else?

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Once again, Heeelllloooo!

If you read the new's title you might see we're getting a name change....We're gonna remain with COAL, though. We're just changing the A.

Q: Why the name change?
A: We have a TON of new elements, textures, ect. Aperature Science....dosen't fit well enough. We want to be warm, not as much as BP, but alot more then AS.

Q: When will this mod be released?

Q: Whats a few possible changes for the A?
A: Angry, Amber (
Q: Will their be new textures?
A: Yea, we its kind of...a newish design. We're also gunna have a new "franchise" type thing, which as you can see, its donut (:D!)

Q: How many chambers will their be?
A: We plan on having 1 per element, or important cube (Long though). Hopefully more then 10, definetly less then 20.

Q: I want to join the mod team!
A: Great! Send a message to ME. If I think you qualify, I'll send a message to Yohoat. We need musicians, texure artists (Moderate are fine), and detailed mappers.

Thanks guys!
-DaLuig, Big Mapper/Idea-man

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