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A breif summary on us (The Vong) and how we do things here.

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The Vong's home world is Yuuzactar (I know wrong spelling lol). The vong fought a very "savage" droid army called the abominators. The vong won the war but developed an extream hatred for all technology. The Vong rose as conqueres and quickly conquered their galaxy using new and deadly bio- technology. The vong exhausted the resources of their galaxy and are now in pursuit of a new galaxy to conquer...
Vong war ships:

Coral skippers: Primary fighters for the Vong.

Vong corvett: Small corvette that can pack a punch.

Vong frigate: Large frigate that can handle most fleets single handedly.

Vong World Ship: A massive vong vessel that is in a shape of a galaxy. Can handle massive fleets single handedly.

All these ships are organic which makes them unique. They can take from a week to a year to grow but are extreamly powerful.
Vong wariors are extrealmy powerful as well. They carry staffs that are organic/snake like creatures that can even match a lightsaber. A normal vong warrior can challenge a jedi or a sith. Since the vong are cut off from the force they are immune to force attacks. And due to their training, they can match most sith or jedi. Their armor can stop lightning, saber, or blaster attacks which make them just about invincible.
Since it would be most uncannon to include them in this Republic vs. Sith conflict, I decided that it would be best to leave the vong out of it. Now just because your with the Republic or the sith gives you no reason to join this group. If you like the vong or think they are awsome then join! We are not enemies of any group! It doesnt matter! I want to see this group EXPAND!
Now the galactic alliance with advance technology had no hope of stopping the vong, the only reason the vong lost was because Jacen became "one with the force" that was the ONLY reason. Sorry sith, but the current Galactic Technology was shit against vong bio technology. Do you think your 4,000 year old shitty leviathins are any match against our ADVANCED Bio technology??? I dont care how "advanced" they are, they are no hope against the vong. So lets have it republic vs. sith and keep the vong out of it, ok?
Also, NO ONE posts any news on here that says that the vong gave up or anything thats against the vong WITH OUT MY PERMISSION. Got it? Thanks.

Johnyboy1{S1TH} Author
Johnyboy1{S1TH} - - 1,428 comments

man you edited the article .

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Johnyboy1{S1TH} Author
Johnyboy1{S1TH} - - 1,428 comments

Also we used a bio weapon to kill the vong rendering 5/8 of the galaxy uninhabital .

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AK151 - - 5,600 comments

No offense, but you nerfed the Vong a bit, you didn't include Miid-Ro'iks, and you didn't go into great detail about Vong tech, like Yorik coral, amphistaffs, Dovin-basals, and other stuff. Avenger, can I rewrite this article? I promise that nothing degrading shall be written about the Vong. I merely want to see a more detailed article about their technology, ships, weapons, and what-not.

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~Avenger~ - - 805 comments

Guys im trying to keep this cannon and under control, yes ak you may edit this article, Im not including any fake battles that I did not authorize, or any weopons that are uncannon or that I havnt seen.

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Lord-of-Hunger - - 403 comments

two words:omega red

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