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Here is the feature list that was posted in the features section aswell. Figured this way people would notice it more.

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John Ventura Carrizales Jr. aka "Victorious-Games" presents:

Victoriously Enhanced Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne

The following are the features that I have added to Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne:

1. I added a new cheat code to the game:Saved = gives all weapons with infinite ammo, infinite painkillers, and invincibility.

2. The Coder cheat code has been altered to include the new weapons.

3. The max Bullettime amount has been set to 10, bullettime restores to 100% after 14 seconds.

4. Made Bullet Time way more slow when in deep mode, but not slow enough to cut off any of the weapons' firing animations.

5. Max and Mona are way faster now when their adrenaline is pumping and it lasts twice as long before it starts to go away. So now you can enjoy being faster then everyone else for a little while longer.

6. For added realism, Max and Mona's maximum health now varies depending on their skin type:

Healthy Skin - Maximum

Health Wounded Skin - Medium

Health Wounded Badly Skin - Low Health

7. Painkillers will completely heal the player with one use. When Max or Mona is using the painkillersthey will drop to one knee, open the bottle, drink down the pills and then discard the bottle and cap.

8. New setup for targetid.h allows for much more realistic damage rates for a characters' body.

9. Leg and arm shots do nearly no damage at all.

10. Armor and helmets are a lot tougher now.

11. Shooting someone in the stomach or lower back won't do as much damage when compared to the upper torso area.

12. All characters can be killed with one shot to the head or heart, or a few shots to the chest area.

13. Cardboard, Tile, Paper, Hollow Metal, and WaterTanks are now penetrable by bullets. Watch where you go for cover.

14. Max now starts out with dual berettas and 48 rounds ( 3 clips ) of ammo, 3 painkillers, the melee attack, the katana, and the 3 elemental weapons on every level that allows him to fight.

15. Mona now starts out with dual deserteagles and 40 rounds ( 4 clips ) of ammo, 3 painkillers, the melee attack, the katana, and the 3 elemental weapons on every level that allows her to fight.

16. When you pick up a weapon, you will also receive the ability to melee attack, use the katana and use your elemental attacks just in case the map doesn't allow you to start out with them.

17. Several of the Black Ops members and Semi-Cleaners where helmets and headsets.

18. Body part weights have been greatly lowered to take away all of the pushing force that the bullets had that would throw the enemies around unrealistically. Now they push the enemies just enough to look very real. So 9mm bullets don't throw the enemy nearly as much unless you unload on them at close range in bullettime with or without adrenaline at the max.

19. Bullettime now has very little motion blur and no remap effect. So now you can see what is going on much better when using it.

20. Shrapnel and debris has been added to most explosions.

21. All skins for models have had their textures sharpened for more depth and detail. Guns, projectiles, characters, skin items, level items, and any other model with an accessible skin have been sharpened.

22. You get three times as much bullettime then originally planned each time you kill somebody.

23. All NYPD police characters are now wearing bodyarmor. This includes Max when he's working on the job at the beginning of the game.

1. Added new Death Cams for Mike and Kaufman.

2. Many cameras altered to use the remap effect.

3. Added a camera shake effect when shooting the anti-tank sniper rifle.

4. Some of the map explosions will slow down time for a short period adding drama to the scene.

1. Added new decals for different sized bullet types- 9mm, Mp5, .50cal, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, buckshots, Largecal.

2. Added new decals for different sized burn marks.

3. Added new decals for different sized electrical burn marks.

4. Added new decals for different grenade marks.

5. Added these decals from original Max Payne - Carpet, Electricpanel, Gravel, Paper, Sheet Metal.

6. Added new blood decals and fixed it up to where they appear to be very random.

7. Added a new default bullet hole decal.

8. All bullethole decals have been sharpened to add more detail to them.

9. Added new explosion decals from Call of Duty for different material types.

Particle Effects:
1. Large calibur bullets now have a tracer effect.

2. Now there are 3 different sizes of particle effects for pistol, rifle, and high calibur bullets. I also added 3 sizes of blood particles for different body sections.

3. Dragunov bullet casings and Shotgun shells now produce puffs of smoke as they fall and hit the floor. All other casings now produce smoke puffs only when they hit the floor.

4. The smoke puffs that come out of spent bullet casings come in 2 sizes. Small smoke puffs for pistol like weapons and medium smoke puffs for rifle like weapons.

5. Head shots now signified by an extra special bloody effect.

6. Guns now leave a cloud of smoke behind when fired which adds some nice realism.

7. Bullets now leave a cloud of dust when they hit certain surfaces. There are 3 different sizes of the effect.

8. Exit wound blood effects have been added when you shoot someone in the chest.

9. All explosions now have smokey particle effects added to them which makes them look like real explosions. Filled with dust and smoke.

10. When bullets hit rock, tile, stucco, or the default texture type a drizzle of material specific to those texture types will fall down in a nice stream. There are 3 sizes of these particle effects.

11. Added rubble effects to explosions for different material types.12. Remade almost every effect for all of the bullet impacts.13. Added particle FX debris to all explosions.

1. Added more than 120 sounds from Call of Duty to add to the small amount of bullethit material sounds.

2. Added 15 bullet whizby sounds for flying bullets from Call of Duty.

3. Added new weapon sounds.

4. Adjusted many of the sounds from ingame where someone would be talking and their voice wouldn't get muffled out when in bullettime, such as the TV shows or enemy scripted chats.

5. Weapon firing sounds are very loud now.

6. Blood now makes noise as it splatters across walls, floors, and ceilings.

7. Added a new spent pistol and rifle casing ricochet sound from Call of Duty just to add one more sound to each casing type. Also moved the frozen shell sounds to the ricochet category since they aren't being used anymore do to the absence of the frozen animations for casings. So now there are more casing ricochet sounds.

8. Added some ambient war sounds to the Mob War level where you fight your way through some crackhouses to get to Gognitti's car lot.

1. The molotov projectile now produces fire that doesn't disappear and it throws out fragments of fire aswell.

2. The new fragments that come from the Molotov also produce fire that doesn't disappear.

3. Now there are 3 different sizes of blood_bullet projectiles.

4. Bullet speeds have been increased tremendously for realism. Plus all bullet sizes have their own speed. This adds to the difficulty because now you have bullets coming at you at very different speeds, so it is harder to dodge them all when they're coming at you from different sized guns.

5. The shotgun now blows people far away at close distances only.

6. I've added sparks to explosions that bounce around realistically.

1. Ragdoll physics have been tweaked to enable even better and more realistic dead body effects. I think they are the best around.

2. All bullet casings, weapon clips, weapon magazines, weapon drums, fallen helmets, fallen backpacks, and gibs from blown up people have physics.

3. Added physics enhanced debris to nearly every explosion in the game.

1. The amount of jump for each character during grenade deaths are now different causing multiple heights of elevation.

2. The characters will now die with one of 4 different expressions on their face. Men and women have their own sets of 4 death faces.

3. When a character is burned to death they are engulfed in flames instead of just a little bit of fire.

4. Added a new Gibbing System for grenade deaths. You won't get to see this effect most of the time since I have it set up so that it is a very seldom thing. But when you do get to see it, your jaw will drop.

5. Some characters have a newly added burningdeath animations where they run for a few short seconds, screaming and flailing their arms or covering their faces, only to drop and die a fiery death.

6. The characters now enter ragdoll state at different times when in the grenade death animation and burning death animations.

7. Almost all enemy characters now have burnt skins for when they are burnt to death, and they now have blown upskins for when they are killed by an explosion.

1. The berettas are now completely animated!

2. Added a Clusterbomb Grenade that releases small bomblets in all directions which explode as they fly through the air. Plus when they are finished they explode in a huge flash of light, fire, and smoke causing extreme damage.

3. Added 3 elemental secondary weapons that will give you an edge against the now tougher game I have modded:

A. Elemental Pierce - fire small, quick projectiles of lightning from one hand in a cluster inflicting electrical stabs upon your victim.

B. Dual Elemental Blast - launch streams of fire from both hands and watch them explode in plumes of smoke and lava.

C. Elemental Grenade - lob a sphere of fire and lightning and witness the trails of electrical death that cover and run everywhere killing anyone they touch instantly.

4. Added a nuclear grenade that burns and blows away everything with a mushroom cloud and a wall of fire included. Plus it also releases wave after wave of deadly heat over a short amount of time after detonation. Just wait until the signal is given to move ahead in your HUD.

5. Added an M60 machinegun that fires out bullets like crazy.

6. Added Dual Strikers. Max's newly added gun combat system can be used when these guns are being used.

7. Added a 40mm Milkor Grenade Launcher that holds 6 rounds per drum.

8. The Bullettime Reload Whirl now does damage to nearby obstacles such as walls and enemies. Now there is no such thing as "death by reloading" when using bullettime. Because at close range, you are a dangerous weapon.

9. The Kalashnikov will now fire off 3 rounds at a time on each trigger pull.

10. The Colt Commando's SHOOTINGFREQUENCY has been raised from 6 to 8. It is still very accurate, but slower then the AK.

11. The grenade now spits out shrapnel along with it's normal concussion.

12. The Ingram Mac-10 fires a wee-bit faster.

13. All of the max ammo amounts for each weapon have been set to a little more of a realistic amount. For instance a Beretta clip can hold 16 rounds, and since you'd probably be only able to carry up to 6 at the most in order to make room for the rest of your arsenal, the max ammo amount is 96. I set the values along those lines. Not extremely realistic but more realistic. I mean you've got to be able to carry a decent amount of firepower. Your Max Payne and Mona Sax!!!!!!

14. The Dragunov Sniper Rifle is now an Anti-Tank Barrett Sniper Rifle. The weapon now fires Incendiary Explosive tipped bullets that make a small concussion on impact. The bullet impact comes with dust effects and explosion effects. This sniper rifle is now a weapon of choice against groups of enemies at medium to very long range. Do not fire upclose or you will get hurt from the explosion. Very very deadly.

15. I added a very large katana blade to Max and Mona's arsenal. It is a weapon of pure energy and has all kinds of cool attacks. It's also the reason why Max and Mona have elemental powers now.

16. The Desert Eagle has been reskinned with a more generic looking silver skin. The original made the gun look too customized. Since everybody uses this gun I thought it would be more realistic to have a standard looking Desert Eagle.

17. The Steyr SSG Sniper Rifle has been replaced by an SMAW Rocket Launcher. This weapon fires a missilethat separates into 6 smaller missiles at about 15 feet. They act similar to buckshots that come out of a shotgun except they explode.

18. Added an M29 Devil .44 Magnum secondary weapon that will allow Max, to go into a deep state of concentrationwhere he can select up to 6 targets and fire at every target in a split second. The first target selection is automatic, but you have enough time to aim your gun before that first selection is made. After that press the secondary attack button to select more targets. You have a short period of time to make your selections once the weapon has been activated. If you don't use all of the bullets in the gun you can use them the next time.This entire feature is called the Dead Eye.

1. The outblend time for bullettime has been cut down severely to allow for faster switching between using a shootdodge with bullettime and using a shootdodge without bullettime. For instance, if you are pumped up and are moving faster then the enemy, then you won't want to use bullettime with your shootdodge, because you'll be moving to fast to aim. So instead you can quickly turn off bullettime, and then do a shootdodge to have a longer, slower period of time to shoot. With the default outblend time this is not possible and you waste half of your shootdodge due to the adrenaline effect. Use it, love it, need it.

2. When performing a single/dual pistol shootdodge you will leap high into the air and do a flying cartwheel, somersault, or backflip depending on which way you're dodging.

3. When shootdodging your guns are constantly reloading by script so you never run out of ammo until you land on your stomach. When that happens your guns stop reloading by script and you can continue to fire until your clips or clip is spent. So now you can get off way more shots during a shootdodge with any weapon.

4. Slowmotion during a normal shootdodge now continues until you release the fire key after you've landed on your stomach. This is very helpful.

5. When performing the new gun combat system's shootdodge you cannot move but you are completely safe. Max does a standing shootdodge so just shoot everybody around you.

6. When doing a rifle shootdodge Max will do something similar to the gunslinger system's shootdodge except he will drop to one knee avoiding gunfire.

Gunslinger Fighting System - A Custom Dual Strikers Only Fighting System:
I have created a Gunslinger fighting system based on Max Payne 2's enemy layout which can be anywhere from short to medium to long range. Using these moves will make you a lot more effective in battle. You cannot get hurt while performing these attacks.Select your dual Strikers to activate the mode. Select a different weapon to turn it off.

*Crouch = Duck and Fire Overhead ( Good for firing over tables or boxes )

*Jump = Sweeper Attack ( Will fire bullets in all directions )

*Jump Forward = Jump Forward

*Jump Forward Left = Lean Left Around Corner ( When leaning, aim and fire at your enemies )

*Jump Forward Right = Lean Right Around Corner ( When leaning, aim and fire at your enemies )

*Jump Left = Dodge Left *Jump Right = Dodge Right

*Jump Backward Left = Spin Flip Left and Dual Fire ( Explained below... )

*Jump Backward Right = Spin Flip Right and Dual Fire ( Explained below... )

*Jump Backward = Spin in Place and then Dual Fire ( Explained below... )

Jump Backward Left and Jump Backward Right will have Max spin flip in one of those directions, depending on which one is used, and upon landing he will stand straight up and aim both guns straight forward. At this moment time will slow down to a hault giving you just enough time to line his guns up with an enemy. Then time will go back to normal very quickly, Max will then fire his guns in the direction that you lined them up. Jump Backward is basically the same but instead of flipping and moving to a new spot Max will spin in place and upon finishing the spin he will aim his guns straight ahead where you will have to do the same as you will for the Jump Backward Left and Jump Backward Right moves. When the time has come to line his guns up with your target a remap effect will occur letting you know it is time.

Katana Sword Fighting System:
I have created a Katana Sword fighting system for Max Payne 2 for a new close combat experience. You can hack and slash your enemies to shreds. Of course you will have to learn to use a mixture of dodges and bullettime, and you must learn to move in quickly on your enemies and attack them before they shoot you. It's a lot harder to play this way but the blood shed is worth it. And you cannot get hurt while performing an attack or a defensive maneuver. Select the Katana Blade to activate the mode. Select a different weapon to turn it off.

*"Fire" Key = Katana Windmill ( Great for setting up an enemy for a stronger attack )

*Shootdodge Forward = Powerful Vertical Slash

*Shootdodge Forward Left = Horizontal Slash followed by an angled slash

*Shootdodge Forward Right = 2 Angled Slashes

*Jump = Floating Death Orb Special ( Explained below... )

*Jump Forward = Jump Forward*Jump Forward Left = Floating Death Blow Special ( Explained below... )

*Jump Forward Right = Thrusting Stab

*Shootdodge or Jump Left = Dodge Left

*Shootdodge or Jump Right = Dodge Right

*Shootdodge or Jump Backward Left = Demon Shaker Special ( Explained below... )

*Shootdodge or Jump Backward Right = Blood Harpoons Special ( Explained below... )

*Shootdodge or Jump Backward = Katana Uppercut

Katana Blade Special Moves:

Blood Harpoons Special = This attack freezes your foe and then lifts them into the air where they are cut to pieces.

Floating Death Blow Special = This attack allows you to literally glide across the floor at a great speed and cut through the enemy like butter. You do extreme damage directly in front of you for the entire time that your floating and you can guide yourself too. But you must not attack while in flight or the thrusting stab will not be used. You can only guide yourself.

Demon Shaker Special = A truely powerful attack that decimates all who stand in your way. It will damage anyone that is within at least 10 -15 feet from you.

Floating Death Orb Special = Releases several orbs of energy that float along until they hit something causing a nice sized explosion. Use these for distractions. The enemy will be very busy trying to get away from these things. So use this time to get in close.

Remap Effect:
I changed the color palette of the remap effect. The game now goes into a comic - graphic novel like color scheme when the remap effect is activated. I figured that since Max Payne was so Noir, it should have a cool Sin City The Movie like black and red look with a little white thrown in at certain points in the game since that movie was Noir to the extreme. So I set it up to where the remap effect occurs when certain camera effects are used and when certain people get killed. Plus the entire last level is played with this effect. A very cool experience. It's really cool because it's unexpected and it gives you a good sence of rage.

The theme song on the main menu has been changed to the theme song from the movie Running Scared, which was composed by Mark Isham. I took the title song and the ending credits song from the movie and combined them to make a long and dark theme song for MP2.

Also included with this MOD:
1. Edited Menu Screens that notify the user that their game is Victoriously Enhanced. Nothing big, just a small adjustment to the pictures to let you know that you are using my MOD. I wanted to keep everything as true to the game as possible while still adding a lot to it. That's why I didn't add brand new Menu Screens and instead I just gave them a red-ish tint.2. The 2 bonus DMW maps, Upper East Side and Mona's Playground, are included with this MOD. :)

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