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The details of my rig thats been used to make this preset and been tested on. It can give you a general idea of how yours could perform.

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  • AMD Ryzen 1600, 6-core @ 3.5 GHZ
  • Vengeance lpx 2x8GB @ 2133mhz, Overclocked to 2800mhz with manual timings
  • MSI Nvidia geforce GTX 1060 6gb
  • Asus prime b350-plus

My rig gets a solid 30fps @ 1440p, because i lock it to 30 not higher. Otherwise it could hit 40 maybe. @ 1080p i get a solid 60 and probably higher with unlocked fps apparently the game is hard capped at 60 fps. Though, i like my racing games at 30 fps. Typically this preset will cost you about 5 fps.


I play on an Acer Predator Helios 700
SPECS: Intel core i9-9980hk 2.4 ghz 8core; Nvidia RTX 2080 8gb; 32gb RAM; game installed on SSD.
this is my config but on the max settings I get only 52 fps with this reshade, I don't mean to complain over your work and it's stable but on FiveM max graphics on my friends server 200 players full slots and loaded with mods I get 144 fps stable because I capped it at 144hz and 144 fps in Nvidia Control Pannel, it goes up to 240 fps without capping but 144hz - 144 fps is the best my laptop is table at.
The game itself is capped at 60 fps and without the reshade it doesn't change for me on 2K or 4K (I use a monitor) but the reshade gives me 52 fps on 1080p and I don't know what's the cause.
Again, I'm not complaining on your work and I think you did an awesome job on this but I would rather have my pc running at it's best instead.

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Grapjas Author

Hi, your system should manage just fine, so i don't know what the cause is either. Maybe you are experiencing some kind of bug with reshade, in which you could try contacting them on their forum or maybe the problem is elsewhere within your system or the game.

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