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Just explaining what I want to do with this game, and what I am currently working on.

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Yes, I know I'm a newbie at game development. Yes, I cannot program. Yes, this game is 2D, but I want to try and make this game as fun as possible.

Here's what I will (hopefully) add as time goes on:

  • Some form of functioning casino
  • Driving sequences
  • Drug dealers (No particular reason for this as of yet)
  • Fully moddable (this is very easy to do)

Those are a few things that I want to add as time goes on, but for now I am currently focusing on the starting areas and the storyline.

I hope that when this game comes out, people won't judge it on the graphics or the engine that I'm using (a free, basic one, but its still very flexible and good for creative people).

I hope to add more, but until next time, keep your vaults locked as Terra Corp might come snooping!


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