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So many to post so here's a preview of all of them so far.

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Well hello there.

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so I'd thought I'd post an update. I have a few games on itch (not 100% complete yet, as there are many glitches which need to be resolved - so being patient is a virtue. I must be patient too, as I am really only the artist / director, not the programmer as such).

Blood Blade - In development / early access version available. (PC only - for now).

Empress of Gold - Updated version and free demo available. (PC only - for now).

Ned Kelly - Armored Outlaw is going very well, free demo available. (PC only - for now).

Zombie Quarantine - Available, and free version for android is on GooglePlay. (PC, Mac, Linux and Android versions available).

I might post each game individually on here, but under the store URL there's no option for I'm sure there's a reason & I might try anyway but to me it would feel like I'm spamming the site. And I don't want to frustrate anyone.

I used to be able to work on games full time, but then changes to life situations, drastically changed how many hours I can work on games. I guess I could regard myself as a casual game developer at the moment. Either way, all is going very well. I hope the world will enjoy my games, as flawed a they might be. I am well aware of the glitches. Any feedback would be much appreciated!!

-Tobop Productions

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