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Okay, so after waiting a while my computer decided it was done hibernating and started working again, I did nothing to fix it, it just starting working. So that is sweet!

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So, there won't be any major updates or screenshots until the release of the Portal 2 SDK (I'm moving the mod to the P2 engine). Some people have already began mapping for Portal 2 by using a custom FGD on the Alien Swarm SDK, but I'm going to wait to have the official tools. Also I'd like to tell you guys that portal 2 elements will be in COAL, maybe not all of them, but the Thermal Discouragement Beam will be, along with the Pivot Cube (y'know, cuz it's a cube?).

Even though I am moving to the P2 engine, I want to keep the feel much more isolated, similar to portal 1, but different. I'll give you guys a few screens at the release of the SDK, so just sit tight and follow some other mods.. *cough*PortalAwakeningFactumSolusandCortal*cough*.

By the way, I'm going to remove all of the videos, pictures, and other media that are not going to be used in the mod, for example, the second demonstration of the level links looked terrible, I don't know why on Earth I thought it looked good when I made it. Also the laser indicator strips, and the box dropper.

I may or may not use the style of texture I gave a picture of, if not, I'll use it in a different mod in the future.

So, please wait patiently while I try to create a Companion Turret...

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