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A common "litany" of the proponents of anti-theism is that faith is a proofless simplistic theme of yesterday to be overcome by the steady stream of progress. The first part of this article will mainly deal with the term "simplistic" in regards to theism.

Some people consider (In both good and ill regard) that faith is simple, but under closer examinations to the motivators behind faith are... byzantine, (complicated) For example, the majority of people say they simply believe, have faith, (I say that not as a religious term) that God exists. But this is inaccurate, a persons faith has dozens of influences. Say, they were born to it, or they are inspired by proponents of it, or even though the environment. There are countless influences that "inspire" faith, to the point where belief, while a basis for their faith, is not the main factor for it, no matter what said person(s) say to the contrary. There are also those who try to prove their faith through science, (More power to them, but I don't think that God worked it out that way) and those that say that they witnessed miracles have moved them to God.

So, self evidently, faith is about as simplistic as the Big Bang Theory, (Sarcasm.)

For the second part of the article, I have chosen to debate the claim that faith is "proofless"

Many people criticize theists' of believing without proof or ignoring proofs, as the preview image of one of Atheist of modDB's articles show, (direct your attention to the man with his eyes closed, his fingers in his ears, and the horrible hair.) But, a lot of people say "proof" without knowing its full meaning. Yes, it means (in some cases) physical evidence, but if you look at the definition it mentions something else:

"evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement"

Maybe the reason people have faith is because the arguments against it are not as good as the arguments for it, eh? But regardless of the reason, faith's internal qualities are not unlike science itself. Take this for example, some scientists believe in the Big Bang Theory, that the Universe started in a big bang. Christians believe in the "Almighty Theory Truth." That an omnipresent being created the universe. Both these scientists and Christians will state the facts about their beliefs and defend them if necessary. One could argue that scientists are basing their theories on proofs while Christians are basing them on faith.

But lo and behold! That "argument" is still in bold, (rhyming unintentional.) Point is that belief is actually rooted in both definitions of proof. But as belief is unique to each person, the balance of the definitions varies.

For the third and final part, I will, dissect, (Bwahahaha) the claim that Christians are "yesterday"

At the risk of repeating my usual semi-inspirational dribble, I say as long as one poor box has one donor, Christianity will be a thing of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Chuck Norris approves this article. Well done.

Belief most certainly varies from person to person in definition. Which is one big reason why the classic theist and anti-theist arguments will continue to butt heads for many years to come.

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