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Some music James has written for the game, we thought it was a good time to release some. Also, a little bit of extra news!

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I should start of today's news with something I forgot to mention in the last post. Quite silly considering its importance. Some weeks back, we had started an 8-bit Funding account in an attempt to raise some funds for art content. Please, if you like what you see so far head over to the 8-bit domain and donate! Any donation is much appreciated.

Music, music and.... 'file not found'? I had three bits of delicious music to share with everyone that James has written for the game, but one was 'not found' by the Indie DB site. I will get that posted as soon as I can. In the mean time, take a look at what I have for you today. (We are 98% sure these are going to be in game)

Enjoy! (feedback is highly welcome in the comment section)

I would like to close with a reminder that we DO have our own forums at: . Feel free to come over and drop us a line there, or send us a message through this web ring as well!


This is very interesting. Keeping my eye on this one. :)

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Keeping my eye on this one also. Music artist should be proud... when it hits 00:19 on the Night Theme, it really created a feeling.

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