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I've been planning to do this for a little while now, but I finally found some time. We have a good amount of music in Fortix 2, and the quality is spot on. With that said, we wanted to share it with you! Oh yea, and if you haven't noticed, we've been preparing the game for iPad!

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Fortix 2 has a good amount of music in it and it's a great quality as well! We hope those who have purchased the game enjoyed it just as much as we have. For those that haven't, but still love video game music, you can get a taste here.

Unfortunately, the files that are loaded in with the game are a troublesome to handle if anyone wanted to listen to them outside of the game so, we decided to have a "Music Series." We will be releasing the sound track for the game over the coming days, probably two at a time. If there is a demand for it, we might package them together and make them available for download as well.

Here is today's release of music. Please check back on our page in the following days for more!

We have also been very busy porting the iPad version as well. If you haven't seen it in our videos section already, check it out here! The controls are starting to shape up nicely, and the speed of the game is much faster due to the nature of tablet devices and, the human urge to move things on the screen as fast as their finger(or close to it).

For those of you who love playing games in the browser, we also made an HTML5 version of the game a little while back. It was made for a competition so, its still in beta and is a bit buggy although, it is still fun! Check it out here:

If you have been following us here on IndieDB, but would like more frequent updates you can also follow our progress on our Facebook page and company dev blog.


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