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The game starts with a Cinematic showing Jamshid Farrokhi killing his family while in hallucination (due to the use of drugs). Then he decides to take revenge on all the people responsible for his addiction. All the victims have committed one of the major sins including usury, lying, lack of faith, irresponsibleness, hopelessness and self-harm (addiction). Meanwhile Faramarz Afshar is chosen to take the case; to solve the mystery of serial killings.

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Technical issues:

Detective Afshar’s PDA is a cell phone that not only records all the comments by the main character (over 45 A4 pages) but also provides access to the map as well as making it possible to move to different places. It works as a guideline during the game too. Various minigame such as shooting and puzzle solving are developed by Wintermute engine to have the optimum result. Inspection abilities (choosing a certain dialogue with a unique answer) is another feature of the game.

About Gameplay:

MITA2 is more than a simple classic adventure game; it is a tribute to the world popular adventure/detective games. More than 8 hours of gameplay, 33 characters with over 1800 dialogue lines, tens of graphic documents and files, 13 minigames and more than 30 puzzles interacting with the environment. An awesome story on the serial murders regarding major sins, it is a tribute to David Fincher’s 1995 mystery thriller ‘Seven’.


Detective Faramarz Afshar:

Faramarz Afshar is the son of Homayoun Afshar and the grandson to the old years’ renowned detective Mohammad Afshar (the main character in the MITA 1933 and Dark Years). As a child, Faramarz Afshar loses his father and is brought up by his addict step-father. With the help of colonel Bahmani, a friend of his father’s at the time of 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war in the frontline, he enters military university and later is employed at the crime division of Tehran Police Department as Major Afshar. He is a smart, sympathetic and meticulous man who wishes to become a prominent detective similar to his grandfather.

Jamshid Farrokhi:

The serial murderer first kills his family under the influence of taking crystal meth; after regaining his consciousness and feeling the great pain of losing his family, he decides to take revenge on all the people responsible for his addiction which made him murder his family. His character is a person who has always made wrong choices.

Colonel Bahmani:

He is the head of Tehran Police Department. An intelligent and experienced person who passed many years in the frontlines during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, he was a close friend of Faramarz’s father. In the serial murders case, he is of considerable help to detective Afshar.


The killer’s step-mother who is introduced as a capricious woman who met the killer’s father and made him get a divorce from his wife. She has also caused a lot of harassment for the killer.

Mr. Rajabzadeh is a well-to-do man who has earned his fortune from usury and is badly addicted to crystal meth. Lending money at an extreme interest rate to the killer, Rajabzadeh has created lots of financial problems for him and caused him enter a wrong path.

Babak Shafi’ was the country’s boxing champion once who loses all his fame and fortune after getting addicted and spending his money extravagantly.

Reza Rajabi is a drug dealer in south of Tehran who acquires meth in great quantities from drug barons and distributes it among users. He is the first one who has given the killer drugs.


Officer Saei is one of the clever police women in the department and is in charge of the laboratory.

Officer Rezapur is a hardworking man who is the head of the reports section.

Officer Amiri is an investigator who is in charge of Lavasanat murder case. His grandfather was also an officer in the department and a colleague of Mohammad Afshar’s.

And …


Private Ghafouri comes from the southwestern city of Abadan and is passing his military service here. He is of great help to detective Afshar.

Private Hasanipour is from south of Tehran and is just two months away to finish his military service.

Private Hosseini, from Lorestan, is in charge of the jail.

And ….

Worker at the stable:

A naïve 24-year-old man who has come to Tehran from Lorestan to find a job. He works in the stable now.

Dr. Shakib

He is the head of the forensics at Tehran Police Departmen. He studied at the same faculty where Faramarz did. Probably one of the best doctors in criminal cases, he lends a helping hand to Afhsar during his investigations.

Detective Afshar’s wife

She is a kind modern woman who loves Afshar very much but is tired of his huge workload.

And …

There are 33 characters in the MITA2 with over 1800 dialogue lines.

Animation and Demo

The 25-minute animated cut scenes presented through motion comics help narrate the story especially when showing the violent scenes where the murderer makes the victims confess and then kill them.

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