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This article provides a little look at one of the maps that will be bundled with the Killing Floor Vehicle Mod.

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Multistory Carpark is a Killing Floor map built on three unique car parking levels. The original version offers a most stimulating experience indeed and is well suited for foot soldiers due to its' multiple staircases and ramps for ascending and descending levels. However, with the development of the Killing Floor Vehicle Mod, it was clearly a 'prime cut of beef candidate' for expansion.

When I first saw the Multistorey Carpark map posted on the Tripwire forum practically a year ago to the day, I never dreamed it would get its' day in a perfectly suited context...but here we are.

Let's first give credit to where it's due; map makers Ricky and AXEL from AKA Battlegrounds. Thank you for allowing us to use your great map for this mod.

Multistorey Carpark Map - Top Floor

The main features:

  • Difficult to maintain instant kill speed at all times due to the twists and turns
  • Zeds are able to surround the vehicles in great numbers
  • Three unique levels with open, semi-open, and very tight driving conditions
  • Well space Trading Posts ensure the whole map is utilized
  • Dramatic Zed entry on top level
Multistorey Carpark Map - Lower Floor

The action is typically non stop and the only down time will be when you're driving (running :) away. The map is nicely enclosed and feels perfectly proportional for the vehicles. The following video presents a taster of the main features in all their glory. All game play is in Normal mode.

TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

looks cool

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

man, the possibilities of this mod are just great! You could revamp the whole "protect the VIP" and other gamemodes (e.g. escort a bus full of refugees through the city, clear the way) and it would never get boring. This vehicle addition has a lot of potential, and I think has been a long wanted feature in a FPS zombie mod.

Great, just great! (Also, it gives credit to everyone who ran around through the KF mod in its time, desperately wanting to unlock the police cars or enter the chopper in the swamp map. good times :D)

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arramus Author
arramus - - 206 comments

Awesome comment. The idea of escorting and protecting a lorry load of Zed refugees will just be another layer of delicious icing on the cake.

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Aquilia - - 235 comments

Cake!? Where's the cake!? I WANT CAKE!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CzechDeath - - 1,527 comments

Cake is a lie,my friend

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aidy70060 - - 368 comments

Man I seriously can't wait for this :D

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EL_mdb - - 21 comments

The zeds could scream WAY MORE when they get the bumper ride, what do you think?

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Newbez - - 480 comments

it'd be very nice if the car actually ran over the zombies. i think everyone was expecting that

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arramus Author
arramus - - 206 comments

If you mean instantly kill the zeds as soon as they are hit then you'll see that as long as the vehicle is travelling fast enough. If the vehicle isn't travelling fast enough then 'drag frag' will kick in meaning the Zeds will be dragged until:

a) The vehicle increases to instant kill speed.
b) The vehicle collides with an object and the Zed is crushed in the collision.
c) The Zed may well jump over the vehicle or escape in some other manner.

This setup ensures the Zeds have a fighting chance and are not killed when moving at a snail's place. It also allows them to take a crack at your vehicle.

If by run over you mean the Zed is actually hit and then falls under the wheels, you will see something like that from time to time. In addition you will see some Zeds explode like the Bloat. However, you will also see the Zeds pass through the vehicle on occasion as they die. We don't have the character rigs for the Zeds and have limited control over this process.

Just consider those moments as decapitation.

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.sverek - - 97 comments

hitting flash pounder on max speed, what can feels better

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Dr.Nick - - 53 comments

Looking good so far =)

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Marffy - - 285 comments

the fp view in the car and the HUD look amazing.

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