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Added Serverbrowser for easy multiplayer access, added crosshairs, freecamera and a new discord community server.

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It has been a while since the last update. A lot has been going on behind the scenes. I'm currently working on multiple projects at once which delays the development a bit. (Mainly the custom engine i'm working on.)

The game itself is nearing completion.

Some of the new stuff i've added:

Server Browser


Players will be able to host their own multiplayer servers. In order to make finding those servers as easy as possible i will be hosting a masterserver which will keep track of all available multiplayer servers on the internet. The client has a built-in serverbrowser to access the serverlist and connect to them with a single mouseclick.



Replay ghosts now display a "Replay" textbox above the mesh.



Crosshairs are now in the game. There is a selection of different crosshair types as well. You can enable/disable them in the options menu.



By pressing the "F2" key, it is possible to switch to the "Free camera" during gameplay. This camera is unlocked and allows you to fly through the map without restriction. The main purpose is to allow the players to get a better look at the map from above. This should help to discover potential routes through the map

All of those updates are demonstrated in this video update on youtube as well:


We now have an official Discord server! :D

(Click the logo to join)

Download the current public alpha here:

Celaria Open Alpha v5

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