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A work around for Windows LIVE to set up multiplayer games.

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Good morning everyone.

I am pleased to provide you with a guide about how to join multiplayer by TOTALLY IGNORING GFWL. This includes modded games (Human Mod) and the recent community patch. There are some cosmetic drawbacks to it. I will detail the steps below:

1, Make sure you have your DVD version ready. If you do not have one, no worries! Head over to Your Doctor's Discord to grab the files you will need to partially convert your steam version for the job. DVD owners have got additional files there to use from Steam installs which would make it easier to set up. Everything is detailed on the Discord Server.

2, Uninstall GFWL from your computer.

3, Use the DVD installer to install GFWL from the disc (The very old one lets you use LAN, the new you download from Microsoft does not)

4, Once the installation complete, launch the game. It will greet you with a quick error message about GFWL. Hit Enter. (Sadly, that error message will stay with you forever, there is no way around it).

5, The first launch will be a total mess. For me, the screen was miniature and could not use the mouse. If that happens, keep using the Esc to skip the intro and then use the task manager to shut the game down. The second time I could use the mouse to change the graphics settings so this issue was not repeated for me again.


7, Download Radmin VPN and join the growing number of gamers there by joining the GAMING network (separate menu on RadminVPN) of Universe at War Earth Assault.

8, Use Your Doctor's Discord server to find players

9, Have FUN!

- You will appear as Player in the lobby among other Player candidates. You might try to create a local offline profile to tackle this, I did not dare to risk it.
- Patch versions being used affects compatibility. Patch 1 mod players will not be able to join Patch 3 players (unless you have two installed instances of the game, one patched to patch 3, the other is patched to patch 1 for modding. I am working hard to enable Human Resistance Mod on Patch 3 alongside adding more content. There is no ETA for patch 3 compatibility for Human Resistance Reborn, sorry. I am on my own with this but any extra help would be much appreciated.)
- The annoying GFWL message at the beginning will always pop up. Maybe the offline local GFWL account solves it but I did not dare to test it.

I hope it helped.

Melquart Author

No one is interested in playing the Human mod online?
Come on!

I know there are some hoops to jump through for this but it is doable!

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Melquart Author

This is working in actual LAN environment but GFWL somehow interferes with any VLAN. We are working on this issue to enable everyone to play.

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Radmin VPN is the same as Hamachi. I have a shortcut in the folder with the game "LaunchUAW-MCE" - that's just from it I can go live and play on the local network,but the game does not work with the HumanRes mod. If via LaunchUAW then the mod works.

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I was able to log in to a local network with a working Windows LIVE and Steam game and create a team, but it is not possible to join it!

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