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I would like to apologize for making this stupid mistake. I was researching setting up a business extensively the last two days and must have been distracted. Andrewkin is the American one , koagedo is the Swedish one. Anyway i would like to clear up what we are doing.

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Andrewkin - you were supposed to get a message asking if you would like to do loading screens and images. If you are happy with this, message me and ill give instructions on what needs to be done.

koagedo - We were talking about brain storming ideas on Tuesday which will still happen.

Koagedo was talking about Skype, currently i don't have a mic nor Skype so i will order a mic as soon as i can so we could have a chat every week whee we are at. This is the 1st ever mod project i have lead so i will learn as we proceed.

I would like everyone's email -
everyone to have installed so we can share files easily.
another way to contact you such as steam or anything like that.

I will set up a folder where the latest version of an XML file will be placed,
e.g on dropbox Endless Effect/latest files/simulation/weapon modules You would have access to this file and so you would edit it accordingly and save it. Test the changes with a clean mod so you know if its bugged or not working. Only save it to the folder if its working correctly.

Currently - i will message Koagedo on Tuesday about Anomalies and we will set up how to do it, Andrewkin you are welcome to your input of ideas.
I will message Andrewkin on Tuesday about images/loading screen if you are willing to do them.

I will post an update here every Saturday.


Just a point out, im English BUT i live here :P but its kay, people often make that mistake

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Hey how's everything going?

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