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MTGraves's The Old Republic Sound Pack Update 8/3/2011

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So first off, sorry for not posting any updates in July. I've been trying to get all of the audio for RaW 1.2 done. Anyways here is an update on our progress with TOR sound pack .

TOR Sound Pack 1
Old Republic:

Aurek Fighter Squadron & Engine Sounds - Tested & Coded
Chela Fighter Squadron & Engine Sounds - Tested & Coded
Inexpugnable Cruiser - Tested & Coded
Saul Karath & the Courageous - Done
Hammerhead Cruiser - Done
Praetorian Frigate - Done
Forey Corvette - Coded
Paladin Destroyer - Post-preduction Editing
Leviathan destroyer - Post-preduction Editing
Centurion Destroyer - Post-preduction Editing
Republic Dreadnaught - Post-preduction Editing
Defender Corvette - Coded
Thunderclap Assault Craft - Coded & Testing
2 different Male Jedi Master sets of dialog - Tested & Coded
2 different Male Jedi Knight & Jedi Padawan sets of dialog - Tested & Coded
Ministry Shuttlecraft - Recording
Quartermaster Supply Carrier - Post-preduction Editing
Republic Lander - Recording


Princess Leia - Tested & Coded
Lando Calrissian - Tested & Coded
Dash Rendar - Coded & Testing
Extra dialog for Darth Vader - Tested & Coded
Qui-Gon-Jin - Tested & Coded
Ahsoka Tano - Tested & Coded

TOR Sound Pack 2
Sith Empire:

Sith Fighter Squadron & new engin sounds - Recording
Sith Frigate - Pre-preduction Scripting
Sith Destroyer - Pre-preduction Scripting
Darth Revan & Ebon Hawk - Post-preduction Editing
Darth Nilihus & Ravager-Centurtion Class Destroyer - Pre-preduction Scripting
3 different Male Sith Lord sets of dialog - Recording
2 different Sith Acolyte & Sith Apprentice sets of dialog - Recording
Sith Soldier (Infantry) - Pre-preduction Scripting

Prince Xizor - Pre-preduction Scripting
Eta-3 Fighter - Pre-preduction Scripting

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