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a list of confirmed mobile suit that manage to enter gundam versus mod. will update regularly.

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  1. Gundam Barbatos
  2. Barbatos Lupus
  3. 4 Form Strike Gundam
  4. Heavy Arms EW
  5. GM Sniper II
  6. Build Strike Gundam
  7. Nobel Gundam
  8. Gundam Sandrock TV Ver.
  9. Gundam Virtue
  10. 3 Form Impulse
  11. Gundam G-Self
  12. GP-03
  13. Barbatos Lupus Rex
  14. Astray Red Dragon
  15. Altron Gundam TV Ver.
  16. GP-02 Physalis
  17. Freedom Gundam
  18. DeathScythe Hell
  19. Tallgeese III
  20. Gundam Zanbanya
  21. Destiny Gundam
  22. Banshee Norn
  23. Gundam Phenex
  24. Wing Zero TV Ver.
  25. Wing Zero Custom
  26. HI-NU
  27. Strike Freedom
  28. Sazabi
  29. Gundam Epyon
  30. Extreme Tacyhon Phase
  31. Big Zam
  32. Virsago Chest Break
  33. Double X
  34. Sengoku Astray
  35. Full Armor Gundam
  36. Extreme Type Leos II VS
  37. Extreme MK II Axe
  38. Gundam Gusion Rebake
  39. Gundam Vidar
  40. God Gundam
  41. Master Gundam
  42. Full Armor Unicorn
  43. Destiny Impulse
  44. Atlas Gundam
  45. Gundam Bael
  46. Gusion RFC

Update 12/11/2018


would be nice if aegis or calamity could be added,
but i am already happy with sandrock tv version =)
keep up the good work :3

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You have only 44 units? Gundam vs Gundam INFINITE PLUS (My mod) have around 76 units, But I guess it was because of the outdated engine

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