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A preview of Mountain Day Pass map for the Killing Floor Vehicle Mod.

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Mountain Pass Day is a Killing Floor map built around an idyllic high altitude outdoor setting. This is a large map and best suited for a full server load in foot soldier mode. However, once you add the Killing Floor Vehicle Mod features, Mountain Pass Day really comes into its' own and feels well balanced with a low or high player count.

Mountain Pass Day was designed and constructed by Kevin 'DrGuppy' Butt. DrGuppy has a strong background in all aspects of level design and recently made the transition to Tripwire Interactive staff member having long been active within the Tripwire community for Red Orchestra and Killing Floor. Congratulations and keep the midnight oil burning. :) The first I saw of DrGuppy's work though was a 'map in progress' for Team Fortress 2. It was superb and gave me an inkling for the quality we'd ultimately see as Mountain Pass Day progressed on the TW forum.

Mini Tour

The main features:

  • Large driving loop with mountain top short cut
  • Proportional construction for a realistic and smooth ride
  • An abundance of full speed insta-kill opportunities
  • A beautiful environment in perfect context for the mod
  • Cliff leaping Zeds to cut off vehicles
  • High speed 180 degree hand brake turns
mini in action

Gameplay in Mountain Pass Day is more weighted towards the players dictating the flow and you'll soon hone your shepherding skills for maximum roadkill efficiency. The long full speed runs and bumpy high speed mountain climbs keep the pace for the duration of each wave practically at full speed. The map takes players around an on road and off road loop with an opportunity for short cuts here and there. The following video provides a preview look at Mountain Pass Day in its Killing Floor Vehicle Mod format. All game play is in Normal mode.

Newbez - - 480 comments

this mod is gonna be dah bom

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Anddos - - 390 comments

How come the forklift blew up so easy , it dosent make sense for zombies to damage something metal because forklifts are strong..
was the forks trying to lift them in to the air?, i think maybe you could change the gravity so when there lifted there slowly moving by gravity etc ,anyway good work , will this be a free update or a paid DLC?

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AJ_Quick - - 1,321 comments

looking great as usual guys. One suggestion i'd make is to have the exploding cars cause *alot* more damage to the ZEDs. It would be a nice final gambit if your car was about to go, jump out and pump a few bullets into it to take out a fleshpound or something :)

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