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Do you want to know how to build up the best Khergit player? Read on!

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Hello, I have some tips on my favourite faction in the entire game! The Khergits! They're ninty-nine percent cavalry and have some of the deadliest archers in the game, reason? They're mounted! They move fast and still manage to hit you. They have only -one- downfall! Siegeing, the Khergit faction is horrible when dismounted and you'll lose quite a bit of your men while trying to take a castle. You'll need to get a large horde to drive around Calradia.

The Khergits have two troops trees... Mounted Archers and Mounted Lancers. You want a ratio of about... 5:2 in favour of the archers. Lancers are good, but your archers are almost unstoppable-- though.. You'll need a few lancers for protect the archers from other knights.

Starting your character! You're going to be a mounted archer and lancer! You'll want a bow, two slots of arrows and a polearm of some sort that can be couched.

Your father was...

Nomad, you'll get (
STR +1, AGI +1, INT +1), you'll get (Power Draw +1, Riding +2, Horse Archery +1, Path-finding +1). you'l get (1H +2, Pole +7, Archery +49, Throwing +15), you'll get (Battered plain cavalry shield, +15 Denars).

Early life...

Steppe Child, you'll get (STR +1, AGI +1), you'll get (Power Throw +1, Horse Archery +1), you'll get (Archery +24), you'll get (+15 Renown).


Poacher, you'll get (STR +1, AGI +1), you'll get (Power Draw +1, Athletics +1, Tracking +1, Spotting +1), you'll get (Pole +7, Archery +57), you'll get (Rawhide coat, Hide boots, Heavy sumpter horse, Chipped axe, Hunting bow, Barbed arrows, 2x Dried meat, 2x Furs, +10 Denars).

Reason for adventuring...

Wanderlust, you'll get (AGI +2), you'll get (Path-finding +1).


Lust for money and power, you'll get (AGI +1, INT +1), you'll get (Looting +1)

Now your main attributes you want to go for is obviously... Power Draw, Horse Archery, Ironflesh and Riding. You can also go for Leadership, Trainer, Looter, Pathfinding, Power-strike... but only after you get your main attributes out of the way first. You'll want to maintain Strength and Agility, the secondly Charisma and Intelligence.

Now go out and ride the your horse, loot, pillage and rape your way to victory!


Nice this really helped me out for starting out on the Khergits.

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