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The 5th Mod of the Year extravaganza news post for Blade Symphony includes information about the depth of the game's blocking and tiered attacks. We go over what directional blocking and attacks are, as well as showing the different tiers of attacks via the usage of charging.

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Naturally, Blade Symphony has a multi-directional attack system - it wouldn’t be much of a duelling game without it! The attack system in Blade Symphony is colour-coded. By default, you perform frontal (white) attacks, but you can hold the left (green) or right (purple) keys while attacking to perform side-attacks.

MoTY #5 - Blocks/Tiers

Blocking directions are similarly colour-coded, a left block will perfectly block (or parry) a left attack, leaving your opponent stunned and open for a counter-attack. Alternatively, if you hit your enemy’s block with a different colored attack, their parry will not succeed and they will only take a fraction of the damage if the attack had been unopposed. Additionally, as blocking is uni-directional, it is possible to attack around a block, dealing full damage regardless of your enemy’s block direction.

MoTY #5 - Blocks/Tiers

The stance and block systems are further complemented by an attack tier system. Attacks in Blade Symphony can be made at three tiers, ranging from Tier 1 (uncharged) to Tier 3 (full charge), determined by how long you hold down the attack button.

MoTY #5 - Blocks/Tiers

The three attack Tiers in Blade Symphony are carefully balanced to reward player skill.
Tier 1 is the weakest of the charge tiers, it’s attacks require little skill to make and carry little reward for the attacker.

Tier 2 attacks do an additional 20% damage compared to Tier 1, and the speed is such that the charge length and attack duration of a Tier 2 attack combined are less than the simple attack duration of a Tier 1 attack.

MoTY #5 - Blocks/Tiers

The slowest of all attacks, Tier 3, or fully charged, attacks are also the most damaging - dealing an additional 40% damage compared to Tier 1. Pulling them off requires a great deal of skill due to the lengthy charge time, but they are very rewarding - it takes just two T3 Heavy Stance attacks to kill a player. Tier 3, attacks are the one type of attack that cannot be blocked and will always break a block, deal full damage and leave the blocker open for follow-up attacks if successful.

MoTY #5 - Blocks/Tiers


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RocketSurgery - - 182 comments

i like the character models :)

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Varsity - - 1,044 comments

I'd buy this. You guys really know your stuff!

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N3mix - - 130 comments

very nice ;)

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DillonBarba - - 74 comments

ooh yes color system, i was wondering how hard it would be to determine what stance they are at when the combat is so fast paced.

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cW#Ravenblood - - 6,703 comments

Nice work!

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Really amazing, I love what you are doing to this mod, will be pretty unique and for sure people will play this and don't let it die ^-^

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