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Just a little bit of news regarding progress in Unity.

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Hey all!
Today I've made a bit of progress for the game again - Not enough to upload a demo of some sorts, of course, but enough to be considered a decently sized step in the next direction.
If you've downloaded the tech demo, you may have noticed that using the flashlight caused some lighting issues - And if you didn't notice or try the tech demo, you now know there was that issue.
I fixed that issue rather simply and I also began production on the first level.
There are currently two rooms, but these rooms are separated by a hallway that may or may not be shortened. I've yet to decide that but the hall seems too big..
Anyway, the lighting and the rooms themselves are being placed much more carefully than they were in FPS Creator.
The only problem I'm currently having that I can think of would be doors.
I've still got no clue how to make and add interactive doors. I tried a few times but I feel like I kind of messed it up.
Regardless, it'll be figured out.
Other than that, I'm also looking into scares and features of that sorts for the game.
At the moment, I don't want it to just be a cheesy pop-up, at all.
I'm looking into effects that'll trigger when walking into a certain area, and currently I'm only adding some sound effects and whispers and what-not as scares and features.
While it's more difficult to create scares for the game now, it's also much more flexible and I can do so many more effects now that there's Unity.
That's all for now, guys!
Note: I'm thinking of posting news rather regularly for now, so expect an update on the game rather frequently, including picture updates of what I've done so far.
Note that once I get a decent amount of pictures for the Unity build, the rest of the images will be deleted (or most) to not give a false impression of what the new game will look like.

And, as usual,
Stay classy, folks.

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