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various improvements for next release, might nothing dramatic, but every part takes its time - smaller tweaks and more necessary stuff done for the Ultimate "1.1" release.

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from official Mod's Page now with better URL's and Homepage Link.

We have some good improvements, This might nothing dramatic, but every part takes its time - smaller tweaks and more necessary stuff done for the Ultimate "1.1" release.

Myself does only consider the next release as "Final" .

  • "Player Moving Style" Does now globally affect every legged creature ! This ensures matching up Enemie speeds with Players. So if using fast "DooM" config, the Enemies will run faster too ! This makes some nasty "fair" gameplay.
  • New Weapon icon's for all new models + synced with switched models.
  • Walking changed for Gnaars, Kamikaze, Chainsawer & Werebull. (wondering how many times one can change this, this will not be changed again!)
  • Big Dust effect appearing faster for: Chainsawer & Werebull. And effect now not created when Chainsawer idle.
  • Running Sounds made volumetric and louder for: Kamikaze, Chainsawer & Werebull. It's now harder to guess their precise location.
  • "lift impulse" increased for hitting Enemies with: Shotgun & Double Shotgun.
  • started and finished 'Dunes CSSII version' terrain, some fights. Also started 'Alley of the Sphinxes' map and made plans for special 'Suburbs' version to join up as mini episode. Built from scratch by only using SS2 stock textures.
  • Flamethrower now using one single, looping fire sound. Thus Reducing extreme amount of sound calculating.
  • Minigun slightly darkened, minimalistic perspective change and increased walk-bobbing.
  • Plasma/Lasergun slowed firing-rate minimalistic (0.12 -> 0.125).
  • Crosshair 'Mr. Mac' is new. Tribute to famous finger-pointer from Myst :).
  • New Jump mechanics: There is forced delay 0.4s for consecutive Jump, Player must rest on ground for 0.1s and Pre-Jump in air is ignored. This makes jumping much closer to Serious Sam 1.
    Technically this eliminates bunny-hoping/ and occasional strafe-jumping.


These shots might give some nostalgia or repetitive feeling or making other modder's angry. Thats not my intention, fortunately this Mod has many other parts and strenghts !
Finally these maps will be prepared to use the customizable Enemy replacing with 75 Enemies to select from. Like Gnaars as 9 different Goldeneye Enemies, the Terminator, some Doom and Quake Enemies or a burning black skeleton Dragon Boss..

Playing CSSII makes me happy again and I can't wait to show new screenshots and release the next version.

Stay tuned for more



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Awesome, keep them coming! Although you may want to consider Serious Sam HD Remake that's coming out soon!

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Very Nice Work This Will be our Serious Hit

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