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there are only two teams from now on! I've changed from deathmatch to teamplay.

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Yah, so after I switched to sci-fi more updates are coming!

I upgraded the UI making it more clean, removed not needed info.

Changed from FPS count to LAG % (as 60 FPS is around 0% lag I suppose so it's more human-readable)

I've changed the Map Generator to have more free space (not so many corridors - we not like corridors! bah!)


One is Animal Tribe: Fairy, Panda, Ghost

Second is Human Tribe: Red/Blue/Green Boys, Girl

So you only hurt another tribe - you're not on your own.

Bots got smarter!

They are not firing at random when there are no enemies near (I mean that's what You do right?! You dont walk and fire at random do you? :-))

Also the range of the fire (hadoken) has been increased so it's easier to hit an enemy (yay!)

Also added a joke about Neo :-)

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