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This update is pretty hard for us.Because there is so much to tell, I don't know where to start. Let's keep it simple but with lots of news.

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This update is pretty hard for us.Because there is so much to tell, I don't know where to start. Let's keep it simple but with lots of news.

1. New fighting system

We had a pre-beta white weapon system test. And the opinions are divided. Some say it is still stiff, some say they never excepted to be on this LVL even in the main game. Most important thing, we know in which direction to work.

What is nice

  • + the dodge system
  • + sword animations that are sword animations 😉
  • + block but not the effect on the enemy
  • + the 3 level of masteries system

What is still to fix

  • - Hard to learn how to get better (too much just clicking for now)
  • - Sometimes it is hard to hit when the enemy is close
  • - Some minor bugs with equipping
  • - Some effects are not nice (like blood or sparks)

Here you can watch how it looks like and below the video there is a link to the demo. So you can test it yourself. It is recommended having at least a 4gb graphic card and Intel Core i5-10600K BOX 4,1 - 4,8 GHz.

2. The bestiary.We prepared a short, fictionalized bestiary.

There will be 44 monsters in our game. But 12 of them are versions of the main monster. For example, Munter and a Sulfur Munter. So using a little of the color differentiation but in a nice old school fashion. So lot's to do. The bosses are not in the bestiary, so there are no story spoilers.You can get a copy from the link below. It's in English and Polish. Big thanks to DerBelter for fixing our spelling mistakes 😊

3. Voice over

The English dialogues are all commissioned and paid for. So the English voice over is a fact. Here big thanks to Major5th and Phillip&Lucy Freeman's as well as my friend Theophil-nerd who took on the challenge of voice-overing the foreign characters in our game, and he made it excellent.About the other languages voice overs we will reveal something in the update after holidays.

4. Comunication changes

We are going to change all our materials and from now on name ourselves Indie RPG. It is just a cosmetic thing, but we want to make sure no one will feel tricked in any way.

As you all know, we are a small company. So we don't need to sell 100k copies to be able to keep on making games and keep growing our possibilities. That is why we decided to make games only for a certain type of players.

  • 1. People who enjoy discovering things on their own and don't like to be told by the game what to do.
  • 2. People who like the specific type of fantasy that Gothic represents. So a human-monster form. No other races. We have nothing against elves and dwarves, but we love that type of stories. It is easier for us to fully immerse with a world like that.
  • 3. Our games, especially the Farathan series, will be made for gamers with big experience in RPGs. People who played Gothic, Risen will feel themselves at home.

So basically if you are older than 25, you don't need all this effects that are in AAA, but you want the game to challenge you and make you think and most important let you play how you like it. You will fit right in.And to the letting the player live, discover, and challenge scheme we want to stick, even if it means less sold copies. We believe players like us deserve games that develops our characters, not make us movie watchers.

That means that we will remain deaf to comments and needs of casual players. We are a small company, we don't need to please everyone. And for the group we will try to make happy we pick the part of the experienced gamers. There is a ton of easy, telling you how to live AAA titles out there.

5. Almost all underground levels are done too.

Catch some screens.With the castle scenes, our dear friends from Mana Station helped out. And with the Ice Cave MAVI. The underground forge is made by us.

6. What`s next.The holiday period will be a period without updates.

So there is a big plan to make.

  • 1. Movement improvement so the character does not slide.
  • 2. Dialogue system implementation and face animations (they are nothing special, but emotions of the characters can be seen) From the first game profits we want to buy a professional animation set and update the dialogue animations during the next year from the premiere. For now, it is Skyrim so not bad but nothing fancy.
  • 3. Magic fighting system and here we want to aim for a system that will make combos possible. Like if you want to freeze someone first make him wet then use the proper spell. If you want your lighting spells to deal more dmg – summon rain first. Etc. More about it in the September super update.
  • 4. Crossbow and Bow fighting this one is almost ready – but we got stuck on the balance. It is either too hard or too easy. Trying to get those timings of bow stretching and movement speed right.
  • 5. Crafting system – for now nothing special about it planned. 3 material tiers. Blacksmithing, cooking, bow making. Brewing.
  • 6. Fast travel system
  • 7. Learning and leveling system
  • 8. AI improvement
  • 9. Adding your feedback to the fighting system. Especially directional attack and block anims fixing.
  • 10. Finally, populating the world with props (beds, chests, items to pick up) and NPCs. So the screens in September should show pretty

I hope you enjoyed our new update and that you got hyped again to play our game. See you again in September 😊

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