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Version 2.00 still in development, but it is coming! Many bugfixes, new features, Last Man Standing and 3 BT levels...

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Hey everyone!

I know we have been awfully quiet and it is now over 8 Months since the last release. But we have been very busy and we hope to release a update soon.
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In the upcoming version a lot was changed in HZM Coop Mod core files.
Many improvements, many bug fixes and many new features await you in version 2.00.

We have been a bit slow on the converting process for the BT levels (we have just 3 completed), because frankly we have been focused on many core files related things and also the BT levels turned out to be significantly more complex than the Allied Assault levels.

Smithy has joined the Team, non the less, remember we are doing this as a hobby so the amount of time we can put into the project is very limited.

This are the most significant changes you can expect with version 2.00:
Unlocked inventory, you get the Singleplayer Inventory
- Last Man Standing mode (adjustable)
- The first 3 levels of BT are now fully playable
- AI-Handler for a excellent AI-Behaviour and compatibility
- A gametype handler managing commands that would otherwise not work in multiplayer

As you are probably aware we try to deliver you the best Coop expiriance we can squeeze out of the game, and we are looking for experienced scripters that help us to work on the level-scripts, so we can have new levels available much faster.

Please contact us on discord for details, or join us on discord for other reasons:

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