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A release date has been designated for Modern Warfare Beta 6.

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Hi everyone,

Beta 6 is almost ready for release and it is time to set a release date!

Alongside the many improvements and fixes to the game this next version will also introduce new features and improvement to the overall performance of the game while running the mod. This beta has seen a very difficult development cycle due to the large amount of changes and new features it introduces into the game but I am glad to say that despite the difficulties me and the team faced it is now finally at a point where you too will enjoy playing it.

While this main feature of this version is the 2008 South Ossetia War Beta 6 also includes many additions to the mod and other world events like the Economic Crisis of 2008 and other events that have taken place, we have also made sure to add major events all the way to the year 2010 so even after finishing the war in South Ossetia there should still be something to do in the game.

Hearts of Iron Modern Warfare Beta 6 will be available on 31.12.2015

I would like to extend a big thank you to the developers, contributors and those who have pledged donations for the mod and especially to anyone who keeps supporting the mod and spreading the word about it, thanks to you guys Modern Warfare has become one of the most popular mods for Hearts of Iron III and that is a significant achievement for a projected that was released to late into the game cycle of Hearts of Iron III.

Me and the team very much hope you will enjoy all the hard work put into the mod and especially to this version, to see more about the mod and some of the upcoming features you are welcome to go to the Youtube channel of the mod by click on this video:

Here are some screenshots from Beta 6. See if you can spot the new features... Click on any image to open the full quality version.

KingKetsa - - 424 comments

Good news, I have waited for this since you announced it :)

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zakattack04 - - 361 comments

Hype! I can't wait, I already have HOI set up for this mod.

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German_Bacon - - 51 comments


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TopolinoFinland - - 35 comments

Looks very nice!

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stavropol - - 1 comments

как скачать?

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