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Why should humans hurt themselves and fight for human causes if a machine can do it 100% more efficiently? Don't send your boys to fight, let the machines solve all your first/third world problems.

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New Yorker: Robo waiter?
Robo Waiter: Yes Sir?
New Yorker: Beer.
Robo Waiter: None left sir.
New Yorker:

Guy from Congo: Robot?
Robot: Yes sir?
Guy from Congo: Go slaughter the village next door and bring me stuff
Robot: We are out of AK47 ammo sir
Guy from Congo:

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Now of course the foil to this is that one can never "run out" of beer in the US. Just like running out of AK ammo in Africa would be like running out of oxygen.

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Well, It'll just make wars take like 50 years. All the casualties would be civilians instead of soldiers. Robots are renewable, humans are not. No matter how many machines you loose in the war, you have no reason to give up since you havent actually taken any losses in terms of human resourses, witch still is and probably will remain the most important resource. Strategic bombing of cities and the production would be the only way to in the end win the war. Machines are expensive, and richer countries will just be able to run over poorer countries, just like in the 1800s(although now we have the UN and nuclear weapons, so it's unlikely). In the end, not much would actually be gained in terms of minimizing bloodspill, in my opinion. Robots would probably also be **** at guerilla combat and close quarters combat, that atm. are the most common types of warfare.

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