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Showcasing some models, that i have made. Hope you enoy it! And also, read under for an update.

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I'm forced to put the last image here.

New Models

Yes, i have made 3 new models.

The First one (Left side) is 1984 by George Orwell. I know, simple models, but, you gotta start off small... I'm going to be scattering these around in the game. One for each level. If you can find them all, screenshot them all in their original position, send me the screenshots via message, and i'll honour you in a mural on the first level.

The Second One, is the Torah. The Ancient Hebrew Text, is, somewhere, in Stratigrad. No reward for finding it, but, who knows? Is Big Brother, a jewish man? Don't, ask him that...

The Third One, is the Speaker. Big Brother tasks you with your first objective, finding that speaker. So, why not?

All textures were made by me, and all models are made by me.


The Final Level is now in the works... so... Just getting the layout done...

Sub to my youtube, or face Big Brother's... Closet? Anyway, you better be down with him!

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