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ModDB In The Middle East Part 4... Feel free to create spin-off type stories about a group of people on moddb in the middle east or something, just don't copy my stories. if you dont know the people in the stories you may not find it as funny

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"The Weapons"

After their first night and their first air drop, the group was anxious to try out their new weponry... although they hadnt had a chance since keeping Sensu away from the wepons was a full time job since he had made it quite clear he wanted to kill Tactical.

"Come on... i mean its not like anyone likes the guy anyway" Sensu said trying to convince Shit-Happens, Scarecrow, and Sierra to let him kill Tactical
"NO... and wouldnt you feel bad shooting a mentally unstable person?" Scarecrow asked
Sensu while looking over at Tactical who was once again sitting in his corner babbling something about bunnies and chickens.
"Nah.... Tactical isnt a person so it doesnt count" Sensu said while revealing an evil smirk on his face and laughing in an obviously evil way.
"dude that smile and laugh aren't helping get you guns" Shit-Happens pointed out before Tactical got up and ran screaming from the room, distracting Shit-Happens, Silent, and Scarecrow, allowing Sensu to get his hands on one of the M4's, and run out of the room after him firing bullets from the hole in the wall that was their door... while Shit-Happens, Silent-Enemy and Scarecrow sat back

"Should we do something about this?" Scarecrow asked, while Sensu had stopped shooting wildly and had decided to use short controlled burts, leaving the group short amounts of time to talk between bursts.
"Nah... and that actually looks like fun, i may have to join in" Silent said as he got up, pulled an M4 out of the crate and ran out the door to join in on the Tactical shooting fun
"you know what it does look like fun... and if anyone asks were shooting at spots that are near Tactical not at Tactical himself.. ok?" Shit-happens said to Scarecrow
"sound like a plan" Scarecrow said getting up as both Shit-Happens, and Scarecrow pulled M4's out of the crate and joined Sensu and Silent outside shooting at tactical as he ran around in circles, only going inside when more ammunition was needed

"I cant believe that all our ammo was wasted on that and not one of us managed to hit him" Scarecrow said breaking the long absence of noise other than that of gunfire
"what a waste of time and ammo" Shit-Happens said as he laid down on his bed, and watched Tactical return to his usual spot in the corner
"well it wasnt all bad... i think Sensu has lost his urge to kill tactical" Silent explained just as Sensu grabbed one of the beds and threw it into the Tactical's corner
"well most of it" Silent went on
"meh... what are we supposed to do now?" Shit-Happens asked
"i vote for sitting around doing nothing" Silent said
"no not that, i mean what are we supposed to do about weapons"
"oh you mean that, i say we blame it on Sen... nevermind" Silent said
"we wasted all the ammo, and lets not forget about the gun that cant be found since since Sensu threw it out there at Tactical cause we ran out of bullets" Shit-Happens explained
"hey that wasn't my fault... Tactical was askin for it so i gave it to him" Sensu explained
"oh bull crap" Shit-Happens snapped
"No he was... when you went in to get the last of the ammo Tactical was askin for a gun" Scarecrow explained
"Oh.... sorry then but now were a gun short although then again that doesn't really matter since were out of ammo.... fan bloody tastic" Shit happens snapped again
"wait a minute he gets to vote and we don't?... anyway i vote we kill Tactical now" Sensu said
"okay then i vote for sleep" scarecrow said
"I second that" Tactical said as another bed flew into the corner at his head

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