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ModDB In The Middle East Part 1... Fell free to create spin-off type stories about a group of people on moddb in the middle east or something, just don't copy my stories. if you dont know the people in the stories you may not find it as funny

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<!-- Part-1

As usual it was a hot winters day in the Middle East, and many of the worlds governments have started conscripting people into the armed forces from the moddb community... for some strange unknown reason cause i sure as hell wouldn't trust any of them with a gun... anyway i'll get on with it.

The moddb task force had been contructed to give the little gamers a taste of what their characters in their games went through. Anyway Sierra Leader & Shit-happens were having an argument about who should lead the team, Sierra Leader, was pointing out how his SN actually had leader in it, shit-happens was saying how he was writing the story and it was his choice. Meanwhile Tactical was saying he was chosen because he was the best out there, Sensu.Okami was complaining about people continuously calling him Bellus and Scarecrow was pointing out all the things that were wrong with this story.
"But my name has leader in it. I mean how stupid would it be if i wasnt the leader, i mean come on" Sierra Leader explained
"Dude im writing this story, so if your gonna keep complainin bout this i'll make you the guy who gets killed every episode.... i may even start calling you 'Sierra Kenny'.. how bout that ?" Shit-happens snapped back
"Nah im fine..." Sierra leader replied retreating to the rest of the team to find tactical standind on a group of crates and going on about how great he was
"The reason they chose me is because i am the best moddb has to offer... you guys , and that means you Bellus, are just here so i dont make the rest of the army look bad" Tactical yelled at everyone
"IM NOT BELLUS, IM SENSU" Sensu yelled before jumping up the crates and tackling Tactical
"You should have used your shoulder more in the tackle rather than your arm and also Tactical, your here to get you of the moddb servers so you will stop annoying people" Scarercrow interrupted
"God dammit Scarecrow... you gotta point out every little flaw dont ya" Shit-Happens said while getting Sensu off Tactical
"Well someone has to" Scarecrow snapped back
"I still think i should be le..." Sierra Leader said before getting a look from Shit-Happens
"Sorry, slip of the tongue" Sierra Kenny explained
"oh come on it was an accident" Sierra Leader snapped
"Thankyou" He continued

Dreadacide Author

In the first 3 parts he is Sierra-Leader then he changed his SN to Silent-Enemy, now it is Matthew--Scott, but I'm gonna keep it as Silent-Enemy from part 4 onward

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yea, that's what he;s going to put it back to...after a while...i think...

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