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Hello everyone who ever was interested in my mod. First thing I would like to say is that I'm still alive! and I don't mean it only because of the covid-19, but also because I finally got back to mapping.

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It has been more than 3 years now since I simply couldn't find the time to map. I have a beautiful and absolutely lovely child who is 3 years old and 4 months, and this was what kept me away from mapping.

Many things have happened in all this time, but I never lost illusion for continuing making maps. I had already decided to focus only in my mod instead of making random P2 maps before this pause on mapping, and I've been developing many things I had in mind during this period. A month ago or so I could finally start revising all instances, models and ideas and polished it all a lot until I got everything working as I wanted.

I am now making the maps for the workshop. I think this is slightly more difficult than to arrange everything to be a mod, since there's the limit of 100MB per map and I've got hundreds of MB of custom content. Luckily, after I limited the usage of textures, rooms and stuff, I managed to reduce the map sizes within the limit :) However, my idea is to anyway release this stuff as a mod, but that will be later, after having developed at least around half of the total number of maps.

There's still a lot work to do, but I'm happy to say that everything is now in a good status.

What's next...

I'll release 3 maps at the same time. The 1st of them will be sort of an introduction, with few gameplay, mainly based in cut scenes to show the beginning of the story. The 2nd one is a tutorial map about how to use some new puzzle elements. And the 3rd one would be the very first real map.

All these 3 maps will take place in a temple. This is where the story begins. There is no portalgun in the beginning and no portals of course.

And there will be more maps in this temple.

This is all I can say for now...

I'll post some screenshots soon meanwhile I finish the first map batch.

Take care.



Odd times we're living. Any commercial release is getting pushed back at best to June, and old projects resurface.

That's not a rant, mind you. I'm glad to see some of the most atmospheric Portal 2 mods making a come back. Keep up the good work and take care. :)

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Jose I think a project of this caliber could really benefit from being a standalone mod. You wouldn't have to do the mod work if you want, I'm sure a guy in your position can find someone trusty that is willing to do that.

As for dealing with personal stuff: I too am living in a time where I am managing a lot of stuff at the same time... I don't know how having a child is like (probably takes a lot of your time!) but what I did was stop doing stuff that kept me from my main goals. From what you written I feel like making workshop maps would be exactly that.

From playing your maps, it seems you put a lot (a lot!) of effort in them, including custom assets. On your position I would focus on the main projects first, which seems like this mod for you (or mappack? Don't really know what you want to accomplish still).

Anyway, it's up to you. But these are my personal suggestions. All aside, keep the good work! I am looking forward to what you manage to pull off.

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