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I am progressing well and I have set a clear path of what I will do.

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I will listen to what people think and their suggestions and I will see what I can do. I will make all new units, items, clothing, menu images, music much more.

I will be making more units and costumes to go with them, I will be changing stats of certain items as they are overpowering or underpowered. I will be changing the Wutai crossbow to be a double shot seige crossbow, and a basic five shot repeater crossbow. The Wutai halbert will be buffed down a little but not too much as most units do not stand a chance.

I will create new costumes for their heroes already present and change their equipment to make sure that they mirror their characters. There will be a way for the armies to fight each other now without using the city to jump to the town. I will connect the islands so the two contients will be connected and armies will march over that way. There is also many other things that I will be changing, feedback will be welcomed so please comment on what you think I have done so far.

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