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Full credits of everyone who helped make this stupid thing possible in 24 hours

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HDTF theme song bad flute remix - Boxandrocks
kar98k - Kralich
Ketchup bottle and ketchup puddle - Ethosaur (Free to reuse)
Gordon model - Hl2 Survivor
Machete model - Ethosaur (Free to reuse)
PTSD 2 promo art poster - Demolisher
Combine and antlion reskins - Headcrabbed
Healthkit reskin - B.A.S.E
Hand reskin - Ethosaur (Random google images spliced to resemble mitchels hand lol.
Maps - Ethosaur (You may use these in your own projects as long as you give credit)
Credits to everyone on SMC who helped hype up the idea and push me to do it even though this was probably a terrible idea and now my sleep is broken from staying up 24 hours. Oh well.

This mod was made within 24 Hours as a joke that a small "recap" of entire HDTF could be made before the official release date based on the gameplay trailer back before it released.

Follow development of any future stuff im making, on my discord:


This mod is giving me Repercussions vibes AND I LOVE IT!!!

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Ethosaur Author

This is so sad, like if you agree

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