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The mod was authorized today(20/07/11) and we're going full strength ahead Besides the features on the main page, I'll tell you a bit about the concept of the mod

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We don't have alot of team members, so we've got alot of work on us, Me, I've got the easiest part - coding(well, the most complex part, but it's easy once you get to know it)
We DESPERATELY need another modeler, CrazzyKi3t! can't do all the modeling work on his own...

Well, Where to start, If you want to read about the plot, use Wikipedia, I'm here to talk about gameplay...
Flight - Im trying to make the flight like the series as much as possible...glide is still in progress, Athough the handling is a bit more like viper handling(It will require some time to master, It turns fast)
You can switch to and from hover mod at one button press, Unlike normally holding 8 and 2

Dogfights - Right now the Raiders only fire missiles, Bullets are in progress...
Your own bullets and weapons can be upgraded, And you have to re-arm once in a while because you only have 1200 rounds(400 rounds/cannon in Mk VII. 600 rounds/cannon in Mk II.)
Your armor can also be upgraded
Different colors can also be bought...Along with logos that can be set-up in pre-made positions
All in the hangar bay(WIP)

This page will be updated as soon as something is added to the idea table...

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do you want some one to work on Dialouge

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