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OK guys so i've put together a list of missions for the American and British campaigns. If you have any ideas or dont like any of mine speak up and we'll take a look at what we can do about it! At the moment these are just to have some sort of structure for the Mod, so missions can be added or removed, changed around etc.

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American Campaign

  1. Misdrops - Parachute landing of the night of 6th June.
  2. Assembly - Having found a few comrades, you must find the assembly point for your unit.
  3. Brecourt - Pretty self explanatory.
  4. Purple Heart Lane - Moving up Highway N13 towards Carentan. Will most likely include the assault along the Causeway and Coles Charge.
  5. Carentan - Moving into the city of Carentan and removing the occupying Germans.
  6. Hill 30 - Defending the city of Carentan from a German counter-attack.
  7. Utah Beach - A flashback mission to the morning of D-DAY to the landing on Utah Beach.
  8. St. Lo - Attacking the city of St. Lo.
  9. Cherbourg - Taking the final allied objective on the Peninsula, the deepwater port of Cherbourg.

British Campaign.

  1. Pegasus Bridge - The glider landing at the famous bridge over the Caen Canal.
  2. Merville Battery - The assault on the Merville Gun Battery.
  3. Sword Beach - The landing at sword beach on the morning of June 6th.
  4. Moving Inland - After the bridgehead is secure, the commonwealth troops begin to move towards their main objective, the city of Caen.
  5. Operation Epsom - British and Commonwealth troops attempt to outlfank the Germans.
  6. Hill 112 - Hill 112 was an intermediate objective on the way to the River Orne, in the way of the Commonwalth Troops involved in Operation Epsom.
  7. Caen - The advance into the heavily bombed city of Caen.

If you guys have any ideas for other missions or ones that you dont think would be a great addition to the campaign, post them on the group.

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