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Just explaining the mission goals,ideas and layout

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Long Term Goals:

6 fully detailed separate areas within the same map all linked via a teleport script which is currently working. Depending on the limits of the engine they might be split into a separate map but I'm hoping with enough caulking and optimization it will be all in the same map.

The first area gives the player 3 choices. Each choice takes them to a separate area of the city which will have varying difficulty. At the end of each of these areas the player will be transported to the city slums. The city slums will have 2 different endings that transport the player to the final battle. The battle for the Kremlin (imagine the final of cod1 or world at war with the storming of the Reichstag)

In map exploration of certain buildings much like the way fallout did,now that teleports work.

Pacing of the map, enemies won't be everywhere but in the appropriate areas.

Friendly AI will be with you for some of the map but only in areas where it fits to have them.

As much detail and effects as technically possible if you've played any of my other maps expect that sort of detailing.

As I am mostly a level designer Im not that heavily into scripting but will try my best to implement things to make each area different from the next. This mission will be like my others but this time I will not be implementing things like mega health on enemies or boss fights.

The map will not been rushed and will not be released without proper testing from the community it will most likely be my last contribution to cod2 modding/mapping.

Completed Goals:

3/6 areas started
2/6 areas fully done but not detailed
1/3 alternative areas started and blocked out

Basically the whole map scrapped twice and re-designed most areas deleted and recreated as they didn't work or look professional enough.

Thanks for reading if anyone has any ideas or feedback on my goals please comment


It all sounds really great!, what about if that friendly ai are some prisioners that the player can rescue at a certain point if some path is chosen if not, then other friendlys can aid you but not prisioners, sorry for my english ;)

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