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The Mod has been updated so the game does not crash after meeting sans, I overlooked this problem when uploading the game.

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Yes this mod is getting a minor update, why? Because I messed up a little, the games files didn't know what to do after the first encounter with sans so the music continues to play on a loop while no sprites are able to move. This is because I accidentally erased something in Sans speech that was important when changing his text box. This was a mistake and has been removed.

However in a later version Sans will have unique text, I'll have to do more testing till that time.

One last thing the zip file is now smaller, sorry for all the people who wanted raw footage of the mod while playing but those have been entirely removed to save space and to make downloads quicker. Easy and convenient aye?

Anyway now enjoy the mod! Have fun and make sure to give a review when you're done playing around with it.

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