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XXXXXXXXThis is an estimate of the empires forces which is HUGE! XXXXXXXX

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Fleet and forces (i cant accuratly list this stuff)

1 Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer

Deaths Touch Naval Command Center and Emperors flagship
98,000 Imperial I-class Star Destroyers
Names Classified)
3 Executor-class Star Dreadnought
(Names Classified)
3,800 Escort carriers
(Names Classified)
46 Lancer-class frigate

(Names Classified)
ground forces
18,550,000,000 Storm Troopers
860,000 Storm Commandos
44,000,000 Imperial Marines
600,800 + armored vehicles

KamikazeSniper - - 385 comments

What positions would be open for a master tactician?

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Nova_Stihl - - 501 comments

those forces need to be bigger. at its hight, the origanal galactic empire had thousands upon thousands of star destroyers.

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Lord-of-Hunger Author
Lord-of-Hunger - - 403 comments

is this overkill?

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