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Midair has launched its campaign on Steam Greenlight, as well as the first official gameplay trailer and more!

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Since our PAX Prime playtest event in August, we’ve been pretty silent. Admittedly we waited longer than we initially wanted, but the good news is we have some exciting stuff to talk about!


Midair has launched its campaign on Steam Greenlight! As part of our plan to use Steam as our distribution platform, we need to get Midair working with things like Steam’s authentication, server lists, testing, and payments. Valve requires indie games to go through the Greenlight process which relies on Steam gamers to vote for games they want to see on Steam. This means we need your help!

Please go to our Steam Greenlight Page and vote for Midair to be Greenlit. If you like the work we’ve done so far, please tell your friends so we can help bring jetpacks and skill-based shooters to tens of millions of gamers. The trailer we mentioned at PAX is hanging out in the media section too. Go check it out!

Information Cadence

We’ve gone through peaks and valleys in our cadence for releasing information about progress to the community. This usually coincides with big milestones like PAX events and Greenlight. The good news is we’re about to hit a peak, meaning you’ll hear lots more about our game through content releases, blog posts, and the introduction of developer streams. Make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch Channel for all the latest updates.


We mentioned on the FPS-Z podcast many months back that our goal is to fund development of Midair through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Greenlight represents the start of a 2-3 month production push to get Midair ready. We’ll need your help with spreading the word when the time comes and we’ll let you know more as we get closer to the campaign. For now, know that there’s a plan and a clear goal for us to get Midair to that next stage, and expect more movement from us between now and Spring 2016.

Team Expansion

We also wanted to briefly mention some pretty cool changes to the team that happened over the last few months:

Sound Designer: Benjie Freund – Benjie is a freelance sound designer who came to us because of his passion for FPS-Z games. You may know him as the guy who designed and implemented the sounds for Tribes: Ascend.

Character Artist: Jacob Hottle – Jacob brings to the table a great sense of style and quality that will help make the characters in Midair unique and polished. He is also a pretty cool guy.

3D Artist: Jamie McComb – Jamie comes to us from a background in film and 3D modelling. He’ll be focusing on building tons of great 3D assets used throughout our environments and the game.


We want to build a great game and can’t do it without you, the players. Head over to our Greenlight page and help make Midair a success. :)

— The Midair Team

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