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Last post was for some probably like returning from dead. But project is still far away from zombie project and with each week it gaining momentum.

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3 weeks passed from our last post so time for some update. First really important change in CoffeMonsters which finally have 2nd person Alejandro Machado. He is really skillful artist who will help me with redesigning game, characters, locations and probably few other stuff.

Like you see on image bellow he have good skills which should help make Little Big Adventure Remake even better game :]


Other news is that we finally finished recovering basic animations:

I see this as version as enough to allow us to continue work on the rest of the project for some time. We don't have here too much choice because there is still a lot to do in different areas of game and limited time. Generally everything is progressing nicely. Thanks to that today we were able to do some prototyping of pharmacy level which you seen in last post:


This time of course in game engine:

You can notice in movie some initial work on Cascaded Shadow Maps which are "almost" (almost is good word) implemented in engine. It still need some love and tweaking but for now it's enough.

So as you see we don't laying around doing nothing. There is a lot of work to do (and with each next task more is showing) but well such a work of developers.


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