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The shooter from the East are legion, but rarely memorable though. However, some are able to hold their own in the game Fumble team that gave birth to STALKER people 4A Games share their vision of the Apocalypse in a way that nuclear is not quite that was expected. Metro 2033

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Created by former developers of STALKER, 2033 Metro has retained a certain spirit. Inspired
by the novel of the same name, the SPF you into the underground
traversing the basement of Moscow some twenty years after a nuclear
in the town, the survivors are organized, making subway stations
villages, fleeing the dark corridors or surface, cold air to breathe.
the depths, like the surface, it must resist mutant creatures, the
novalis, but also drives and through the most violent of humanity.
Here, neo-Nazis, is nostalgic for Soviet times, well beyond mere violent thieves do not even trouble themselves to any ideal. But the greatest threat is that of the Dark, creatures that enter the human spirit to sow chaos. But not yours. Artyom curiously resistant to these attacks because he has a psychic gift, a gift which he sometimes see strange things. In his boots, you'll have to leave the cocoon of your station across town and embark on a journey fraught with consequences.
Metro Test 2033 PC - Screenshot 99 "These shadows of the past haunt the corridors."
If you expect to Metro in 2033 opened up to a stalker, know that 4A Games has chosen a different approach here. We
could see their title as a curious mixture of STALKER for the
background and the survival aspect, FEAR for the paranormal appearance
and Call of Duty for progression.
Each stage of your progress you will visit an underground station where you can wander freely without so much as that to do. With
the local currency, balls of excellent quality produced before the fall
of civilization, you can buy equipment or ammunition before resuming
your journey.
Equipment often in poor condition, poorly made weapons that have aged or cobbled together by hand. In
short, no side quests here and long dialogues, Metro 2033 is a linear
FPS is missing the opening or RPG aspects of his distant cousin.
No criticism, just a development, although linearity can be quite frustrating at times, especially outdoors. For
this 2033 release on which Metro foremost, it's pretty clear atmosphere
particularly intense and immersion that requires a lot of details.

Metro Test 2033 PC - Screenshot 100 "Artyom is taken wholesale sales trips sometimes."
with an outstanding soundtrack, 2033 Metro treats diving into his
world, both living in stations, strange noises that prevail in the
corridors of his most sublime musical themes.
multitude of visual detail also signs the identity of the title but in
the field of immersion, especially for some background on handling,
making each action particularly credible and concrete.
For your goals, you will need such leave your briefcase, raise it to see the goals and it's too dark, light your lighter. Some weapons require tires that can verify the level of air that is pumped to ensure their operation. Your flashlight, so it never falls into the road, can enjoy a boost of power if you operate your little dynamo. The
gas mask critical surface but also in some areas underground works with
filters that are deteriorating and must be changed regularly watching
his watch.
will get on that damn mask besides a cold sweat when, by dint of wear,
you hear your breathing become increasingly difficult, to provoke a
real sense of suffocation in the player.
Worse, by dint of taking blows to the face, it will be covered with cracks disturbing vision, or ice if you hang out too. Do not review everything that helps to dive and stay in the atmosphere, everyone should already have grasped what is going on.


i m stuck, i am at the station where you have that stationary machinegun and have to find the bombs. but... THERE ARE NO BOMBS TO FIND. i searched everywhere. somebody who can give me a hint where i can find them? i used the compass too but at the place where it leads me i couldn't find anything.

the game is like a movie, and awesome too. though i would have liked it more if you were a bit more free to where you go.

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fourat Author

it's just the beginig men!you have to go directly and then turn writ,go upsters you have to put your gaz mask,look carfully at the wall in your left you will find the bombe,take it and then go down turn left and go directly you will find a dead end and a place where to put the bomb,put it and run! you have to run away fast to the stationary!

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i will check that. i focused to much on the ground...


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fourat Author

you are welcome! this time focus on the wall to your left

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