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A list of the uniforms from the civil war to be used within this modification to help skinners to identify what skins are to be made and to help others understand significiant information on the units to be used within the game.

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The Coloured Regiment (comprising of Black Nationals of African-Americans)
There were 138 infantry regiments, 6 cavalry regiments and various artillery regiments for the African-Americans.

Thousands more for the regular armies along with armies comprising from each state.

Uniform below to be used for The Coloured Regiments, along with the Regular army.

Union Regular Infantry Uniforms

Within this modification we will need skins to cover various regiments from different states, including the following:


Coloured Regiments
North Carolina
West Virginia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
West Virginia

Uniforms From this site; (Should you need more reference)

Men of War - Civil War mod- Uniforms

For this modification Asureka has already created the basis of the Infantry Private; First Asureka I need you to make 4 copies of the infantry private. One is to be left how it is without any rank; however the other three will each have their own rank so one will be a lance corporal, one being a corporal and one being a sergeant. Once these 4 infantry privates have been made which should not be long, then they will need to be re-textured as close to realism as possible.

Zouave's will be another unit to be added within the modification so they will need to be at some point created after all the privates are done as close to cannon as possible. :D
American Union Zouave

Union Berdan Sharpshooters:
Union Berdan Sharpshooters will be an addition to use within the Union as a specialist unit (like a sniper)


The officers uniform for the Union we will have in 2 different colours. A black Jacket like this to represent a field marshal within the union, with the other colour being the shade of blue that was used within the union to represent the typical and common officers that we will have to lead our men. So once the infantry is done, we will then proceed onto having the officers made before moving onto the confederate infantry. Artillery and cavalry will be done at a later date!....

This Federal Officers Single Breasted Frock Coat will also be created within the two colours of black and blue to give more diversity and variety within our troops.

Union Berdan Sharpshooter Outfit

An officer skin will be required for the leadership of the Sharpshooters


All three of the confederate caps as shown above are to be used:

2 Current options for officers with breasted shell jackets.

Confederate Richmond Depot Jacket 1:

Confederate Richmond Depot Jacket 2:

Not Done: Done:

4x Union Private soldier models (one without any rank, a lance corporal, corporal and a sergeant)
4x Zouaves Model (one without any rank, a lance corporal, corporal and a sergeant)
4x Berdan Sharpshooters (one without any rank, a lance corporal, corporal and a sergeant)
2x Union Officers, two different colours for each making 4x required (black and blue)
1x Berdan Officer Skin
1x Zouaves Officer Skin

4x Confederate Soldier 1: (one without any rank, a lance corporal, corporal, and a sergeant)
4x Confederate Soldier 2: (one without any rank, a lance corporal, corporal, and a sergeant)
2x confederate Officers

(To be decided at a later date)
Artillery Crew Skin for both Union & Confederate Including officers
Cavalry officer and trooper skins for both nations

asureka - - 506 comments

and what is insignia for the different states of union?

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CrashToDesktop - - 1,241 comments

Erm....that seems like a long list of uniforms to make. We only need about 6-7 different uniforms to cover all the uniforms for one faction, about 14 new skins in all. Oh, and asureka, here's a website you will find helpful!

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DaggerClassStudio Author
DaggerClassStudio - - 649 comments

those will have different insignias on.. besides .. we will have only a few skins, need some for cavalry, artillery and infantry (so there will be a few more skins) .. there are some specialist regiments to create that will add to the list .. this article will take a while to finish

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multimarcus111 - - 170 comments

I think we should probably go down a bit on the Uniforms and really only add the main well known uniforms in my opinion

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DaggerClassStudio Author
DaggerClassStudio - - 649 comments

Those different states for the Union are only a reference on the list for historical reference. We will preferably need the regular infantry for both Union and Confederate. Several key line regiments, sharpshooters and cavalry troopers will be created at a later date. For now Asureka needs to just preferably focus on making the regular infantry and the regular coloured regiment infantry for the union, and the regular infantry for the Confederacy along with an officer for both sides.

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asureka - - 506 comments

Ok how about the great coat model? (from UNION officers)

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DaggerClassStudio Author
DaggerClassStudio - - 649 comments

will have a think about that (but possibly yes) . :)

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DaggerClassStudio Author
DaggerClassStudio - - 649 comments

The Confederacy initially had no official set uniform; however there will still be some unit formations that were/will be created within this modification to give some balance and realism to the Confederacy.

- Once the Union skins are finished, will work then be made on the Confederacy which will require more diversity and a various range of uniforms

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Guest - - 693,296 comments

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